Kristin Cercone Philadelphia Dead : Kristin Cercone 11/17/1894 Voted in PA Election.

By John Okoro | November 7, 2020

Kristin Cercone Philadelphia Dead : Kristin Cercone 11/17/1894 Voted in PA Election.

Kristin Cercone, born November 17th, 1894, voted in the 2020 Pennsylvania General Election…. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself SMELLS LIKE FRAUD TO ME! (h/t

We did find a Kristin Cercone in PA that’s in her 30s. Looks like the numbers were transposed and she was born in 1984. That’d make her 35 right now if she was born on the 17th of November. Found her in the White Pages. Other google searches of her name mention she’s 35. 


We tried it again  and it doesn’t work. I went to the PA website and entered the name, birthday, and county listed above. No record shows with 1894 only with the year 1984. Kristin Cercone was born in 1984 BUT once her record is up you can change the date to 1894 and take a picture.
If you do any further “googling” there is a Kristin cercone, born in 1984……. active resident, so it’s very well it could be a typo. So basically what you’re saying is that literally all votes this election are wrong and you will be glad to recount the states that Trump won.
Just in case someone looks up “Kristin Cercone” on twitter. Kristin Cercone is a real person, an university professor of Philadelphia, born in 1984. Seems like the 9 and 8 in the birth year got accidentally swapped, but shes a real and alive person. Simple mistake, no fraud.
We found a few Kristin Cercone’s around Philadelphia from a quick search. Don’t want to drag them into it but they probably either typo’d a form somewhere or someone mis-entered their info. This can happen (and can be a huge pain).

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2 thoughts on “Kristin Cercone Philadelphia Dead : Kristin Cercone 11/17/1894 Voted in PA Election.

  1. Kimberly Maloney

    We did it friday night, and it worked for us. For some reason it didn’t work on some people’s browsers, but it had to do with your security permissions. At first I honestly believed it was a joke. Even when we entered it, and it came up with her 1894 birth year, I was thinking it had to be a fake site….so we looked around, but it was the correct site. One of the people we were sitting with had mailed in his ballot as well, so we were like, ‘put your info in as well, just to see if it even works!’ Sure enough, his info popped right up for his PA mail in ballot, with his CORRECT birth year and everything. I mean….I don’t know. PA has a history of voter fraud. And I am not a trumper, I didn’t even vote b/c I can’t stand either guy, but when I saw that, I was pretty shocked, and I’d like it to be explained. Liberals won’t admit it, but I sure as hell know that if this situation had happened last election, they would be flipping the fuck out, screaming fraud. They literally screamed fraud and spent FOUR years trying to pin Russia on Trump. They cried conspiracy, fraud, cheat, liar, and worse for four years. Now……Now they’re saying that Conservatives are idiots to think there is fraud. That they’re are just butt hurt. lol….If you looked up butt hurt in the dictionary, it would say “Liberal” lol. So far, in less than a week I have seen 4 legit, admitted examples of “fraud”…the dems call them “mistakes” or “clerical errors”….but, uhhh, when all of these “clerical” errors are in Biden’s favor….it’s pretty easy to call bullshit. It’s so funny, b/c last year at this time liberals were burning shit, screaming cheater, and “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” like the idiots they are….but republicans just want these battleground states to be recounted, and an investigation to be done on these legit instances of voter fraud. There is a hotline that you can call if you feel that you witnessed voter fraud, or if you feel that something illegal was done with your ballot, and found that it was not counted. There are horror stories all over the internet. But….you know, since every single one of the 71 million ppl who voted for trump are worthless pieces of trash, I guess it doesn’t matter. According to liberals. lol


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