Kurama Muere – Death 

By John Okoro | February 19, 2021

Kurama Muere – Death –

Spoiler Chapter 55. Naruto-Kurama Scene Recap The chapter begins with Naruto having a conversation with Kurama. Naruto thinks he’s dead due to his excessive use of Barion mode, but Kurama tells him he’s alive, just unconscious. ′′ Come say goodbye, in case you were wondering… this is our last conversation, so I’ll talk while I can “. Naruto thanks Kurama for being by his side after all these years, despite having no father or mother, says, ′′ I see… as a mother and father, you are too… No, this is different .. There’s still a lot left but… anyway I’m glad you’re here. Thank you ′′ Kurama mentions that due to his strong bond he managed to successfully pull out Barion mode. Naruto says it’s not over yet, ′′ there’s still Boruto, Kawaki… and the village… Kurama: ′′ You have to deal with that by yourself now “. Kurama explains that usually when a beast with tail is extracted from his jinchuriki dies, but this is not the case for Naruto. Naruto won’t die since Kurama hasn’t been extracted, he has worn out his chakra, it’s different. Kurama: ′′ The price of Barion mode is my life, not yours. I lied to you…” Kurama thinks Naruto wouldn’t have accepted the plan if he knew the truth, when Kurama leaves, warns Naruto to be careful because he no longer has the powers of a Jinchuriki ′′ Have a good life, Naruto ′′ ~ Tsuki

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