kyle johnson fishers indiana Death – Obituary – Dead – Cause of Death.

By | July 22, 2021

kyle johnson fishers indiana Death – Obituary – Dead – Cause of Death.

This is a developing story that kyle johnson of fishers indiana may have passed away, according to some statement posted on social media on July 21. 2021.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual is dead. This is a developing story.

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Justice for Gunnar January 28  · On Saturday August 22, 2020 I received a text at 5:44pm asking if my son was OK as my sister had heard that he tipped the Harley… His dad and I could not reach him at all we were told that he got up and walked away but that is all the information we had so we figured he felt bad about the bike and was ignoring us I guess but we were both worried sick it was said that we didn’t care about the bike as long as he’s OK Around 11:30 PM A police officer Came to my home thinking my son hit a sign & didn’t call it in or something I started saying “Yeah I know he tipped the bike &” (he started speaking and at the same time that I said) “he got up & walked away” the officer said “yes & he’s died” I literally dropped to my knees my legs came right out from underneath me this isn’t true, this can’t be real he got up and walked away… I lost my best friend a few years ago to a brain bleed she was dancing and fell down and hit her head and a few weeks later she was gone. So I assumed he had had trauma from tipping the bike. I pleaded for him to take me to my son, tell me where he is, I need to hold him,I need to go to him but I was told that wasn’t possible he had already been transported for an autopsy. I did not ask for an autopsy I did not even know he was gone. How is any of this possible? This can’t be real, not my baby boy. The officer was contacted by the county my son was killed in and asked to notify me so he really didn’t know anything and I was left to believe Gunnar was killed from the aftermath of tipping the bike until a while later after word had gotten out and people started coming to my home. One of Gunnar’s friends gave me a phone number to somebody that was there so I called immediately to ask what had happened this is what I was told that my son committed suicide, that he had hung himself. I was an absolute disbelief I don’t even know how to explain the thoughts that went through my head but my heart absolutely breaks for the parents of anyone who has taken their own life. Two nights later I had a BCI (Bureau of criminal investigation) Agent And the Wells County Sheriff at my door In a nutshell and because I cannot go into really anything as far as the case goes as it is sealed I was told that my son did not commit suicide that it was a “bullshit hanging” at this time I was told they are not allowed to use the word murder until they are 110% but a few weeks back when they were at my home again it was stated that this is indeed an ongoing homicide investigation which I already knew. I need answers. I need justice, I will not rest until there is justice for my son! There were at least for adults and a three-year-old present when my son took his last breath, I don’t know what role anyone had but I guarantee you you will be held accountable! Whether you are a witness, just helped cover it up or it was your hands around my son’s neck please do the right thing, please turn yourself in and tell the truth I need to know I need to know what took place in the last moments of my sons life. If you run they’ll find you, they proved that. If you come forward I will ask for leniency on your behalf but please don’t make me sit and wonder and have these visions I can’t bear in my head… May God have mercy on you because this point I certainly would not. My son was my whole world, when you took him you ripped my soul right out of me. Christina and Josh… You may not have been there in the flesh but you ultimately caused their deaths as well. I don’t really know how to live this life without my son, my reason but I guarantee you I will live this life long enough to get justice for Gunnar! I will NEVER give up! I wish my original Facebook had not been disabled and I did not have to go through this again. Did you do this? Did you gang up & tell Facebook I was a fake person or something? I lost more than a decades worth of pictures, videos, memories!!! They cannot be replaced and I cannot take another photo of my son. If anybody reading this has the any information no matter how small they think it may be please for the love of God call the BCI tip line right NOW! I absolutely beg of you… to those of you who shared your stories of Gunnar with me, those of you who said my son saved your life please share again if you would so people come to this page can see it as well I have no access to the first page as an admin everything that I posted with my name and not the pages name is deleted and I cannot get it back. Please share your Stories again I need for the world to know who Gunnar was he will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you in advance help me God bless you! Without you I don’t know if I could’ve come this far I am so lost. Please help me get justice for my baby boy. God bless, Mom It was suggested that I start a go fund me account this was one of the hardest things I’ve done in life as I am not one to ask for help, sadly I’m swallowing my pride if you’re not able to help with funds please

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