Lachy Crossley Death in 2017 Traumatised Jaimi Kenny Before She Died. See Cause of Death.

By | September 19, 2020

Lachy Crossley Death in 2017 Traumatised Jaimi Kenny Before She Died. See Cause of Death.

Jaimi Kenny was left “heartbroken and traumatised” after the death of the love of her life and fought a “lengthy and complex alcohol-related health battle” before dying aged 33 last Monday, according to a statement posted online on September. 18, 2020 by


Cause of Death.

While an eating disorder certainly contributed to Jaimi Kenny’s shocking death, it was a long battle with alcoholism and anxiety which left the 33-year-old with nothing to fight the devastating loss of a love many friends hoped would help her recover. The Daily Telegraph Reported.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Mary Gordon wrote 
Leave them alone. It would be hard enough for them without it being written about all the time. Let them grieve in private

Kalameria Kelly Pavlou wrote 
Please leave the family alone

Katrina Lyons wrote 
Why are you printing this. This is their private grief, it shouldn’t be splashed all through the paper and internet (like the articles you published today). Leave them alone to grieve in peace.

#maskup  wrote 
just because #ch9 reported the illness that Jaimi Kenny died of doesn’t mean you can then go ahead and do it too. If the family wanted ppl to know they would have said & just because #ch9 is morally bankrupt doesn’t mean you have to follow their poor lead.

EmEarth globe wrote
Beyond disgusting. No matter who het parents are, imagine being the editor who allowed that through. Shameful.

Mandy wrote 
Courier Fail also announced the reason why Jaime passed away less than 24 hours after she died.

Dame Nellie Melbo wrote 
All of the Murdoch papers and media are full of greed, hatred and bile that infects every story they touch. They live in a world where the poor are disposable and science is called witchcraft.

Lisa Johnson wrote 
News is supposed to be about the public’s best interest. How is this family’s tragic loss in our best interest? Murdoch’s press panders to the worst of humanities traits. It feels like they revel in such personal tragedies. And call it news.

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