Landon Mall of America Update : Boy Thrown from MOA Balcony is Fighting for his Life

By admin | April 13, 2019

Brandon, the boy who who was thrown from a balcony in Minnesota Mall of America is still alive in the hospital according to a statement by the Bloominghton Police Chief at a press conference today.

 The statement from the Police Chief reads. 

“I know there’s been some reports and some concerns about whether or not he is still alive,” Potts said. “He is still receiving care. We just want to acknowledge that this is a horrific situation. The family and this child are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Around 10:15 a.m in the south east corner of the mall, a 24 year-old male police identified as Aranda, Deshawn picked the boy at random and threw him over the third story balcony after what appeared to be an altercation with the mother of the child.  Police still do not believe there was any connection between the family and Aranda.

Deshawn, the suspect fled the scene as another shopper rushed to apprehend him.

“We’re very appreciative of his effort to try to intervene and help out,” Potts said.

He was later apprehended by the police at the mall transit station and is being detained at the Hennepin County Jail pending charges for attempted homicide. The police was able to locate him with the help of the mall security and the mall security cameras.

The Police Chief said they are investigating the incident using some video that occurred during the altercation , but this video will not be released to the public until the investigation is completed.

The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis with serious injuries.

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