Laoshu Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Moses McCormick (aka Laoshu has Died.

By | September 13, 2021

Laoshu Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Moses McCormick (aka Laoshu has Died.

Death Notice for Today March 5. 2021

Laoshu has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on March 5. 2021.

Christine Language Solutions 3h  · Today, CLS pays their respects to someone who made waves as a speaker of over 20 languages. Unfortunately, Moses McCormick (aka Laoshu) passed away today. He is the inventor of “The FLR Method,” a hack he used and taught others to quickly learn a new language. With over one million YouTube subscribers, he became successful and known worldwide before his untimely death. Here is a snippet from an article written about him: Source:…/from-spanish-cantonese-to… Moses McCormick is a YouTube polyglot popularly referred to as ‘Laoshu’, which means rat or mouse in Chinese. Laoshu speaks English, Mandarin, Japanese and Cantonese fluently and advanced in languages like Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Somali, and Indonesian. Together, he has studied over 73 languages and can speak about 20 of them. Chinese is one of the first languages he learned over 20 years ago. Then 18, McCormick developed a love for the language after watching a series of cult-classic kung-fu films. His approach to learning the language is more of a practical one as he immerses himself in conversations with speakers in his videos. He had studied other languages the “normal” way before trying to learn Chinese in a different way. 2 Shares Like Comment Share

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