Latest Chicago Shootings, Riots and Looting: Police Arrest More Than 100 People

By admin | August 11, 2020

Latest Chicago Shootings, Riots and Looting: Police Arrest More Than 100 People.

After Chicago police shot a man allegedly carrying a gun Sunday, 100s of people swept through city streets smashing store windows, looting and damaging property, police say; 100+ people were arrested, and 13 officers were injured.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said Monday that officers responded to a call about a man with a gun in the Englewood area; once spotting the man, they pursued him on foot. After the man shot at them, police said, the officers returned fire. The man, 20, is now recovering at the University of Chicago Hospital and is expected to survive, police said.


Comments and Reactions

Akinsola Sapara wrote
Chicago has lost its soul. Most of you ingnorant mfs out here looting are not doing in the form of justice but rather financial gain. And you can’t even see the set up!!!! Who raised you? Wolves?

alex wrote
all of this looting in chicago & gun violence is her fault, since she took office she has refused to get help several times in stopping the violence. it has gotten worst & it’s time for her to resigned immediately. chicago needs a strong leader.

Robert Evans wrote
How about looking at all the shootings in Chicago on Lightfoot’s watch? Add in ANTIFA AND BLM assaulting burning, looting and rioting, and housing will be dirt cheap soon! Affordable housing is coming !

Peter Lamoureux wrote
At this point, If Democrats in Democrat-run cities don’t stop voting Democrat they deserve to have their cities burn to the ground.#TruthIsFree **Magnificent Mile Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago.

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