Len Sassaman Death – Obituary News : Len Sassaman has died .

By | September 10, 2021

Len Sassaman Death – Obituary News : Len Sassaman has died .

We are sad to report that Len Sassaman  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 26. 2021.

Sean Burke 13h  · I loved my little brother very much. He was kind, funny, smart, good looking, and talented. He was always there for me when I needed him. I tried to be there for him as well. I took my job as big brother very seriously, though it wasn’t always easy being 15 years apart in age. He had been struggling for a while, and especially this week. I got to see him this week, and though things were not good, it seemed like they were about to get better. Today began with me learning that my little brother ended his life. RIP Len Sassaman. I’m glad your suffering is over, and as I told you on Tuesday – everyone thinks you are great. You are the only one that didn’t seem to know. 422422 411 Comments Like Comment Share

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Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Joe Farrell wrote
My condolences to you and your entire family. There is noting anyone can say that will ease your pain. Just know my brother that I and several other of your friends have had to face this same tragedy in our lives, and it’s due to the support and love of those around you that will help, they will never ever be able to remove the pain, but having them around to cry on, lean on and just someone to talk to, does work,

Erin Mullaney wrote
So very sorry for ur loss. There r never the words to make any loss so great to take away such an event and I don’t think anyone can compare this occurance and know at all what another feels. I lost my baby sister five yrs ago to cancer which took her from us in just fourteen months due to her hvg not just cancer of the spine but also of the brain, the lymphnoids and breast as well and I’m not exactly sure if all were in stage four but I bliev her spine was in stage four already and chemo therapy did the opposite of what it’s intention always meant for it to do and so w radiation she took on trying she ended up paralyzed fr the chest down and was eventually in a hospital bed in her lvg room w constant care and was mortified hvg nursed clean her etc. It was horrible for her and I ll , altho she had to leave us, and altho it most definitely was her time, God needed her to be w Him in Heaven then, she is still terribly missed by so so many. I never ever thought this would be her journey, having to suffer in pain during that ending period of her life. I will continue to miss her fun loving self person, expressed talented giving beautiful lovely
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Pat Conneen

Erin Mullaney wrote
Unique and so special a younger by eight yrs than me and all she always did for so many. A brief bit of her past being married but deciding to not have children, she was like a second mother to mine and did such cool stuff as their aunt. She did graphic art, bartending, waitor, then bcame a veternaians nursing assistant bringing home many pets w various medical needs. She had also been in an all girl band! And when benefits were held for her during this horrible beast of an illness was referred to as the Empress of Punk! She had a pet sitting business and then took on being a nanny for two lawyer couple that decided to have a child later on their yrs cause they thought she d b a great mom cause they saw how good she was w their two dogs. She was a very hard worker, smtimes working seventy to eighty hrs a week saving for a beach house later in life and not even fifty yrs old when she passed , she and her jusb were only about five yrs fr their plans for bringing that dream into reality. U will miss ur brother like no one will ever be able to completely know yet u were blessed as was he to have each other. This will be felt by u throughout ur life each day and in ways and times when u won’t even Kno why u r feeling certain ways u ll forever remain connected and he’s now at peace. I like to think or bliev that u will b together again when God decides it’s the time for u to reunite. In the meantime , with cherished memories, u can smile at what u shared and Kno he sin a better place. Sometimes their only choice that brought them to the next realm, a higher place where they now can feel the love that they couldn’t seem to get while here on Earth. It was meant and nothing could’ve prevented it from happening


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Andrea Corbi Fein
Sean Burke I’m so incredibly sorry for this devastating news. Deeply sad and sorry. I hope you and your family can manage through this time. My heart aches for you. You were no doubt a positive force in his life. You’re that force to everyone. ❤️
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Timothy Saskiewicz
He’ll always be with you and he’ll always be looking out from wherever he is. Deepest condolences Burke

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Len Sassaman Death – Obituary News : Len Sassaman has died .

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