Leslie Furcron of La Mesa : Woman Shot With Rubber Bullets Will Lose Her Eye for Life.

By | June 4, 2020

Leslie Furcron of La Mesa : Woman Shot With Rubber Bullets Will Lose Her Eye for Life.

Leslie Furcron was shot between the eyes by a sniper aiming rubber bullets at protestors heads. She is stable, but she will lose an eye. Why is protocol not being followed? There’s no reason to be aiming “rubber bullets” (they still have metal cores) at people’s heads.

On Facebook Professor Mac, Human Services & Social Work SD City College shared more light on what happened.

My Dear Students,

This is the last official day of the semester. I wish it was more joyful. I really do.

I just learned one of your peers, Leslie Furcron, is in intensive care from being shot in the head by a beanbag projectile while peacefully protesting in La Mesa yesterday. She’s a grandma, caregiver, and one of the most lively students I had. Shed often visit me well after she was in my classes just to chat or help her her the scholarships she was chasing. She was in a coma but is responding now. Her gofundme is below. The UT mentions her as well. 💔Please keep her healing in your thoughts. And continue her fighting spirit, safely.



San Diego police booked more 100 people into jail on charges ranging from failure to disperse, assaulting officers, burglary and vandalism



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