Lettuce Dog and GayVapeShark AKA Addy Borneman Death – Dead :  Addy Borneman Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown.

By John Okoro | April 14, 2020

Lettuce Dog and GayVapeShark AKA Addy Borneman Death – Dead :  Addy Borneman Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown.

Addy Borneman AKA GayVapeShark, one of the funniest, smartest, most influential lefitst memers on the internet has died, according to a statement posted online on April. 13, 2020.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media., 

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.


Adrenochrome Thunderdome

Addy Borneman, aka Lettuce Dog and GayVapeShark, was one of the most influential memers ever. She helped turn memeing into an art form that landed her a show on adult swim. And she did it all while being unapologetically trans. RIP to a great one. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet.

Nicole Hendizadeh

RIP Addy Borneman aka lettuce dog aka gay vape shark aka one of the best memers of our time. You were a great internet friend. I’ll miss you.

Samantha Riedel
It absolutely gutted me to find out that Addy Borneman aka
died yesterday. Cause isn’t known but….yeah. I’m shredded up inside. Was already having a difficult time and this is just…it’s awful on a level I wasn’t ready for.

Quarantina Cohen
rest in peace, addy borneman. i am glad and grateful to have known you.
that’s mister andrist to you ⚧

rest in the peace you never knew in life, addy borneman. the world has to get a lot kinder to trans people, soon.

Addy Borneman touched so many lives, and the very mechanism of writing her full name out, in remembrance, to acknowledge her passing, feels so fucking wrong and foreign

jonny meade ❍

RIP Addy Borneman aka lettucedog aka gayvapeshark aka one of the most important and legendary social satirists to ever grace social media with their medical grade memery. The internet is not the same because of you, & it won’t be the same without you. #leftbooklegend #lettucedog

oh no acabo de leer que ha muerto addy borneman estoy muy triste Frowning faceFrowning faceFrowning face la memesfera le debe TODO

hormonal jew
Addy Borneman was an incredibly innovative and influential content creator; as strange as it feels to talk about memes with the seriousness of art, and idk if Addy would even accept the label, but I do think of her as a cultural creator and a digital artist as well as a comedian.

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