Lil Marlo Death -Dead-Obituary – Rapper Shot Dead in Atlanta .

By | July 12, 2020

Lil Marlo Death -Dead-Obituary – Rapper Shot Dead in Atlanta . 

We regret to report that rapper Lil Marlo has been shot dead, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 12, 2010.

Atlanta, Georgia rapper #lilmarlo was reportedly shot and killed on Sunday. He was 30 years old. The Quality Control rapper born Rudolph Johnson, was gunned down on a Georgia highway.

The medical examiner’s office confirmed to NBC News on Sunday morning that a deceased individual by the name of Rudolph Johnson was brought in during the last 24 hours after reports surfaced of the rapper’s death. Johnson was reportedly 27, though the medical examiner’s office told NBC News he was 30. NBC News Reported. 


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Lil Baby’s best friend and QC artist Marlo reportedly has been shot dead

Atlanta rapper Rudolph “Lil Marlo” Johnson was only 27 years old

— Complex Ambition (@ComplexAmbition) July 12, 2020

Marlo, Quality Control Rapper, Shot Dead
WARNING: BLACK LIVES MATTER THUGS SUSPECTED. A witness told police BLM criminals armed with guns were pressuring Lil Marlo for cash to buy drugs, bling jewelry, and prostitutes.

— Conservative Electoral Support & Policy Committee (@ElectoralPolicy) July 12, 2020

I’ll never give a bitch my heart, ho, is you crazy?
Put a pink pussy like a pig, but you ain’t lazy
You got me goin’ ’round in circles like Ms. Daisy
And now I wanna kill your heart, you got me crazy
Relationship is insecure, it’s all bad for ’em
>>>>> rip lil Marlo 💔

— JEFEXEAST (@Sensationalone1) July 12, 2020

Darnell wrote 
Yo this is Sad man dead ass Bro was 30 he had Family Two Kids man like why..? kniggas can’t work we can’t live free the fuck!! making music can really get you killed?Quality Control artist and Lil Baby associate Lil Marlo killed in Atlanta, TMZ reports.

jQnah wrote 
I literally find it hilarious that the article pretty much says “he was shot on the freeway, but we don’t know how he died yet, also we don’t even know if the person we found is lil marlo, but we are just saying it is”

DJ KnockOut wrote 
You really trying to stir up some shit. You know good and damn well that this is not a BLM matter issue the government did not kill Lil Marlo. Speaking on an untimely death at hopes of stirring up some attention is sad and sickening. Please educate yourself.

Someguy wrote 
Some rapper named Lil Marlo was shot and killed in ATL. The strange thing is, every post about him is R.I.P This happens every time a Black person dies by the hands of other Blacks. No “stop the violence” or BLM chants. How many rock, or pop artists gets shot as much as rappers?

Hor8tio wrote 
Democrats/the left are silent on the death of Lil Marlo because they only care about the black lives that help support their agenda. Black on Black crime=Dead Silence | White on Black crime=Outrage. They are using you

Patrick Hairston wrote 
i didnt listen to lil marlo but RIP to lil marlo. i know this one messed with lil baby. its crazy how people become targets outta nowhere. it was reported that he was the intended target of a shooting and was killed while driving, no one deserves to die given that they mind their business. 

Leonard Fournette wrote 
God I ask you protect my brothers we might not talk everyday but I got real love for the ones I call my brothers @lilmarlo_1 how you get killed on yo way to come see me man love you brother.

∈$wagFather∋ wrote 
This fucked up I remember i opened up for lil marlo in 2018 bruh was coo as hell and down earth, told me I had da energy for this shit … 2020 is rough  #RIPMARLO lil rude

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Lil Marlo Death -Dead-Obituary – Rapper Shot Dead in Atlanta . 

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