Lindsay Lohan Mother Dina Lohan Arrested on DWI After Outback Steakhouse Accident.

By admin | January 13, 2020

Entertainment: (MARKET NEWS) : Police in New York’s state Long Island has arrested the mother of Dina Lohan, the mother of Lindsay Lohan around 6:30 p.m. Saturday . She was arrested for drunkenly fleeing the scene of a fender-bender in her Mercedes-Benz. According to a statement released by the police on Sunday 12th January.

 The accident happened outside of an Outback steakhouse in Long Island.

Mrs Lohan, a serial DWI offender , was driving a Mercedes-Benz with a suspended license when she allegedly rear-ended a vehicle outside Merrick Mall in Merrick. According to a report by

After the accident, Lohan refused to stop, instead she drove straight back to her house, but the driver who she hit did’t back down, but followed the Mercedes-Benz back to  Lohan’s house and called the cops.

Lindsay Lohan Mother Dina Lohan Arrested on DWI After Outback Steakhouse Accident.

The officer who responded to the 911 call , on arrival found Lohan parked in her driveway, intoxicated with the smells of alcohol. When Lohan tried to get out of the car she stumbled, fell to the ground and then accused the officer of pushing her, according to court documents.

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TruthAndSarcasm wrote 
Dina Lohan Arrested In North Merrick For DWI, Leaving Crash Scene Outside Of Outbacks. This Is 2nd Time This Alcoholic Gets Arrested For DUI. In Her Defense, The Bloomin Onion Makes You Very Thirsty.
ImTheDudeMan1 wrote 
Kristen.. Did you get to this part of the article… “Dina Lohan may have taken the Outback Steakhouse experience a little too far, because she may have •t-boned• another car outside the restaurant..”?? They went out of the to make that joke happen!
Daniel Kreps wrote.
Will say Dina Lohan was always nice and tipped well when I worked at Bagel Plaza, and that was before Freaky Friday
G. Fidelis wrote
This at least the second DWI arrest for Dina Lohan. Please NYS, take this person’s driver’s license away before she really hurts some innocent people. .

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