Lord Mountbatten Death : Who Died With Lord Mountbatten in the crown season 4

By John Okoro | November 15, 2020

Lord Mountbatten Death : Who Died With Lord Mountbatten in the crown season 4.

What a beautifully wrought episode 1 of Season 4, THE CROWN. I was somewhat let down by the short shrift portrayal of Lord Mountbatten’s violent death in a previous season. All is forgiven with this episode.
This is the true story of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s 1979 assassination at the hands of the IRA, as depicted in ‘The Crown’ season 4.

With ten episodes to savor during trying times, THE CROWN is back for series four on Netflix. Starring Olivia Colman, Josh O’Connor, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter and Erin Doherty (who, it finally dawned on me this morning while watching episode one, is Emily Faith’s doppelgänger) returning as the royal family, the new season introduces the new “characters of Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer (played by the remarkable Gillian Spencer, who seamlessly “becomes” the first woman prime minister, and Emma Corrin who evokes the spirit of the doomed princess-to-be), while using the assassination of Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance) by the IRA, to lend more historic grounding to the start of series four.
It’s beautifully and impressively acted by the sublime cast, and is as stunningly photographed and as opulently, sumptuously designed as the first three series — giving fans both old and new something to embrace with ardor and devotion. I will attempt to view but one episode per day in order to delay complete gratification and to have something to look forward to for ten days, after which I expect to be totally lost and morose. Read More  


cornishcoves wrote 
McKittrick is a curious character (Editor with Irish Times) in this, his report on event- he characterised the assassinations/killings such ” death of an old man and civilians and a lot of soldiers dying in the other”…were his comments meant to be sarcastic, I wonder??…a deliberate slight facilitated by his editorial placement….His professional vs his personal opinions seemed to meet here…..worrisome.

Barbara Stepien-foad wrote 
interesting to watch, yes sad to see there are still folk who would support such loss of life today, it could easily return. But in the meantime we have our own Ira equivalent these days, Islamic idiocy…

Barbara Stepien-foad wrote 
+tony lennon thankyou Tony for your comment. Nothing in any “war” is cut and dried, I know that from what my parents went through in the last WW.. I just wish that folk could come to easier understandings and that propaganda was abolished, in the end it’s often very hard to actually know what the truth is, ISIS is probably part funded by those we think are our allies..


Barbara Stepien-foad wrote 
+tony lennon yes, hatred is a dreadful dreadful thing, the decisions of a government set up folk against each other as nations and then the hatred can last decades. My mother went through Siberia simply because of where she lived, her husband fought and died in the battle of Britain yet at the end of the war she and all the other Polish weren’t allowed to march in the VE celebrations…in case it upset the dictator Stalin. There are huge injustices done. A war is begun round a table and ends round a table but not one if those round the table takes part. I could go on, but we have to move forward. I am pleased that you are in a much more peaceful situation and hope and pray that in time people can mix more freely and overcome past differences. The trouble with ISIS is that it is formed too out of hatred and bigotry. I cannot understand how dualistic these people are in their thinking, changing someone’s mentality is a very difficult thing yet fanaticism always has a base line.
I wish you all the best, we are all humans after all and you deserve peace.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves wrote 
assault, there is a whole lot of civil war going on in the middle east. Not all the destruction has come from the west. You KNOW that, if you know as much as you claim.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves wrote 
@assault and battery No, there are plenty of violent people in the middle east, and that has nothing to do with the west. Although I know some like to blame the west for everything that has ever happened, it just isn’t factual or honest.

And considering how many of you hate Jewish people, not surprised you guys would try to blame everything on them. Unfortunately for all of us, human beings are violent and can commit evil acts in ALL shades, in EVERY ethnicity, and around the entire world. Religion, or rather the intolerance of others religions remain the biggest contributor to human death by other humans. Islam is no different.

L GCR wrote 
Barbara Stepien-Foad get over yourself sweetheart. Crying a river for Mountbatten a man who tore India too shreds left millions of children malnourished. pity Mountbatten didn’t die a thousand deaths. His death was fitting to the war crimes he committed in India and Africa and off course Ireland. As for comparing Irish Republicanism to Islamic Jihadism. Oh Boy.

LodiTX wrote 
He was an asshole and had inflicted much harm on many people throughout his life. I was young when I heard he was dead and I thought. Too good for him; it should have happenrd sooner. I guess his Brit security was too busy harassing the Irish to be overly concerned with his safety. His major accomplishment was pimping out his nephew to marry Queen Elizabeth, a goal for which he had striven for years.

I guess he was a good stud, given the number of their children. Old mountbatten’s influence popped out in Andrew, I think. He wasn’t a royal. He got tossed a baronetcy following WWII and got to eat at the royal table. He probably didn’t like going to the Irish estate until his wife died because it was her family’s home, not his. What a prick. HE wanted to be “Lord of the Manor” and no manor, nor higher rank, was forthcoming in England. I guess his nephew didn’t have much influence with his wife. Jeez, that boat was tiny and had very little freeboard and was overloaded with people. Was he too cheap to build an adequate vessel?

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