Luke Trotz Death – Obituary News : Former Saint Francis University student died from covid.

By | September 10, 2021

Luke Trotz Death – Obituary News : Former Saint Francis University student  died  from covid.

We are sad to report that Luke Trotz  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 15. 2021.

Sherri Rae wrote ·

The Holy Grail of any student affairs professional is to watch a student move from a first year student stranger (often shy, unsure, or in this case a little cocky but incredibly motivated) to graduate, to friend, someone who invites you to share in the moments of his life like his wedding just one year ago. Even better when they become a colleague, making their own way in higher education and crediting you for even a small bit for inspiring that choice. That’s what makes it so hard to believe this has happened. We will miss you Luke Trotz so much. From the minute you decided to call me Mama Bear, I don’t think I ever heard my actual name cross your lips again, but I’ve heard you call to me from the PPAC balcony and across the campus mall. I’ll still be listening for you. My heart breaks for his wife, Sam, who spent their first anniversary praying by her husband’s ICU bedside, his family, and his friends – many of whom were already forever bonded by the loss of another young man gone too soon. I bet you and Brian Kirk are sharing the biggest hug in heaven right now. Finally, and this is not open for debate from me, but more of a warning. Anyone who says Covid is over, is a scam, is not deadly, or is just the flu, may get punched this week. This is the second healthy, strong, young man under 30 our “family” has lost this year to this virus. The danger is still very real.

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Jeanne Delich Susko wrote
Reading this brings such deep sadness for Sam and all of their family members. Luke was one of our Pitt-Johnstown students who made an immediate mark on our campus …and then on the campus of St Francis University. His imp-ish smile and sassy personality will certainly be missed by many. Sherri I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. It is sad to lose such a bright and energetic young man. Will be remembering Luke, Samantha and both of their families and friends in my prayers.Donnie Kline wrote
When did he pass away
I am very sorry for our friends loss he was so nice to me at the tuck shop And the cafertieria and even when I made the smoothies and milk shakes for him
I would always run into him every time when I go shopping at Ebensberg wallmart or giant eagle he told me Donnie you are the biggest giant person I ever met in my life
I just hope some of my fellow coworkers and close family members and friends better get the shots and really realize this is no joke look all the innocent people gone because of this now heaven has gained a special Angel for God.Bo Derek
So sorry Sherri . It is real and till you have have someone in your family or extended family suffer for months and die, or have side effects they will never recover from, it doesn’t seem to hit home. So sorry for your loss. Agree with you. This is not over.

Jennifer Mahon Kush
Ohhh my heart I ran into T.J. Maxx with my daughter, both of us wearing masks (I’m vaccinated but she is only 4). In the store she asked me “why are all the people not wearing face masks but we are?” After we left, we were sitting in the car waiting to meet up with someone and I took both of our face masks and put them away, fully intending on not wearing them in the next store. For a moment I doubted if I was just being too much. I scrolled through fb and read your post, got the masks out and wore them in Petco – once again being one of the only ones wearing them but I didn’t care this time. So thank you for sharing this!! And I’m so so sorry for your loss

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