Marilane Carter Death – Dead – Obituary : Missing Marilane Carter Found Dead – West Memphis Arkansas.

By | August 19, 2020

Marilane Carter Death – Dead – Obituary : Missing Marilane Carter Found Dead – West Memphis Arkansas.

After a search for a missing pastor’s wife entered its third week, a new discovery on Tuesday brought sad news to the woman’s family. The remains of Marilane Carter, a wife and mother of three small children, is believed to have been found in a shipping container near the area she was last heard from.

Marilane’s uncle was the one who found her vehicle inside a shipping container in a field off Interstate 55. It appears she drove the vehicle into the shipping container. The uncle found a body inside the vehicle and called the police. Marilane’s family and volunteers had been searching that area since that was the last cell phone ping they had, according to a statement posted online on Aug. 18, 2020 by Church Leaders 


Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Shannen Renee wrote 
Brandon Sheay Tharp me either I had the feeling past 2 or 3 days.. still the initial shock and sadness is overwhelming

Eileen Jackson wrote 
So she never left West Memphis?
This is an absolutley heartbreaking end however thankfully the family can now move forward. Imagine losing a loved one but first having to go thru the turmoil of searching for that loved one.

Jean Alison Henington wrote 
Jackie Hoppe considering what this says in terms of the vehicle being inside a storage container, I’m wondering how they know no one else was involved. (Not family, but a stranger.)

Melissa Youngblood wrote 
We drove past these so many times and never thought to look inside them. They have signs up, saying APAC owned them. We even past them yesterday. When you pass them the dirt road goes straight to the river.

Melissa Youngblood wrote 
Lawanda Hall these containers were closed. I looked at them to many times. Since they were closed I didn’t bother them because they could have been farmers or APAK’s. I took so may pictures but never took pictures of them. We were looking in ditches, parts of the river etc.

Vera Elizabeth Burns-Fish wrote 
No foul play? A shipping container in the middle of no where?? The Uncle found her and stayed back when family had left it says? That is her gravel road she was talking about. This is insane that this is happening like this. My heart breaks for her for whatever she went through!!!! My gosh, may she rest in peace.

Sally Geerhart Hoffman wrote 
Maybe after LE got permission or access to phone pings family followed up in an area that was indicated by the data. Odd she didn’t just get out of the car and walk or turn her phone on. Sadly it is not really something we need to know and the family will have to cope.

Tennie Wesley Parris wrote 
Jan Arledge Leatherman yes so she happened upon a shipping container in the middle of no where & decides to drive her car inside & do something to herself …weird

Betsy Allen Barrix wrote 
How likely is it that a lone woman will drive her car into a shipping container to commit suicide…and how likely is it that a family member finds the car and body. It’s not!

Paulette Casey wrote 
Betsy Allen Barrix Yeah I’m not buying it either. I’m not saying the family is involved but it seems odd especially when someone said they have been by them before and they were closed.

Barbara Scott wrote 
She was suffering some mental issues and that was an area that the family had already searched but did not see the containers. After the family left the area the Uncle stayed behind because that was the last area her phone pinged. He was searching the area when he came across three containers with one of them open so he went inside when he noticed the car matched the one she was driving.

Barbara Scott wrote 
I read that but because of where they were even the family members that was there earlier did not see the containers. The containers were off the main road. If someone past and saw them closed they would have had to leave the main road and go down a dirt road.

Ed Zap wrote 
I am no suicide expert, but seems like suicides tend to be not so complicated. Drive all the way into W Memphis…then commit suicide? Its too strange. Still wondering about the gun. How did she get it? Why did she have the need to drive into the storage locker if you are gonna commit suicide what would it matter? To tell you the truth I was thinking, but never wanted to post it, that she got abducted. Now wait for the autopsy findings. This is too sad for the family.

Kristi Hall Spencer wrote 
Y’all keep asking so many questions when in reality people in that state of mind aren’t in their right mind. None of us can possibly know what was going on in her head. Best thing to do is to allow the authorities do their job and try to remember, law enforcement isn’t going to release every detail to the public. That’s the family’s story to tell if they choose. Pray for her family.

Betsy Allen Barrix wrote 
Y’all awoman does not drive miles doen a dirt road and into a shipping container to commit suicide. She’s not familiar with that area. I dont care how messed up her mind was. If it was that bad she would have did it along side a highway or.secondary road ..or in the woods. not in a shipping container in her car on private property.

Betsy Allen Barrix wrote 
Think about it for a little minute…most suicide victims feel they’re a burden to their family…cant cope anymore…would a mother seriously do this in a shipping container and leave her family to wonder over her disappearance and cause them more pain?

Lawanda Hall wrote 
Betsy Allen Barrix yes! I think she had someone she trusted in that car. Maybe not her killer but someone. I would also say she has been deceased less than a week

Barbara Scott wrote 
I think she would because when a person is in that state of mind they are not thinking about family, friends or anyone else. They are thinking about how to end the pain. She was on the phone talking to her mom when her phone stop working and that is where the last ping was in that area. I just pray for everyone that knew her. Its not easy.

Eileen Jackson wrote 
Barbara Scott I agree. It’s impossible to know what someone is going thru unless they are being completely honest. Sometimes suicide is a spur of the moment decision, sometimes it’s a plan…there is no rulebook.

Barbara Scott wrote 
I guess we can think of all kinds of scenarios that could have possibly happened but I did see on the news that she told her family on one of the calls that she was traveling on dirt roads and that is a red flag to me and they thought she sounded confused.

Shannen Renee wrote 
Barbara Scott she never said that!! Brady said that it sounded like she was on a dirt road at one point and news changed it to what they wanted.. I literally watched the interview.. Nancy Grace interview it was

Ivory Towner wrote 
Mania is a very real thing. She might have been suffering from a mental break. Although there are still so many questions unanswered. Like why get gas if you going to commit suicide. Most women do not commit suicide by a gunshot. Why let your wife drive down to Alabama during a mental crisis alone. Forget the mental crisis why would you let your wife drive alone through some bad areas. Prayers for her family .

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Marilane Carter Death – Dead – Obituary : Missing Marilane Carter Found Dead – West Memphis Arkansas.

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