Mark Bricklin Death : Mark former editor in chief of Prevention magazine has died.

By | September 10, 2021


Mark Bricklin Death : Mark former editor in chief of Prevention magazine has died.

We are sad to report Mark Bricklin, the former editor in chief of Prevention magazine, passed away over the weekend., according to the following statements posted on social media on September 9. 2021.

Mark Bricklin passed away over the weekend. If you don’t know his name, maybe you’ll know it when I’m done. Mark was the first guy to take an actual chance on me in the full-time working space.  He hired me for my first writing and editing gig, despite my inexperience — perhaps because he found one joke he liked in my sample tests, and that I also looked like I worked out 19 hours a day. My pecs had abs. And my abs had pecs. And my biceps had calves. (I could do this forever).

Source: Greg Gutfeld: When the hot spot burns out — remembering my friend and mentor Mark Bricklin | Fox News

There was no information on the cause of his death.

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Jennifer Cronk Keiser wrote
Mark was the one who advocated to make a full time position for me in the library that lead to an almost 25 year career with Rodale. I will be forever grateful to have had him in my corner. He will be missed.Roger Bennet Yepsen wrote
Some messages of this sort hit harder than others. I continue to think back, and use, an editor’s device of Mark’s. Whatever the piece, yours or someone else’s, lose the first paragraph. Would have helped so much of what I read, and write, today.

Maggie Spilner-Brotzman wrote
So sad . I spoke with him this summer to see how he was doing. He was just gettin off his exercise bike, he said. dreamed about him three days ago. So many great memories and adventures.
May be an image of 6 people, people sitting and indoorLori Callaway Beneyton wrote
Mark was a freelance copywriter when I worked with him. He was very good at it. He was also quite opinionated and vocal. And very funny. Larger than life.

Peter Spiers wrote
Deep in a business plan for Cross Country Skier magazine I wrote this line: “Global warming represents a long-term threat; on the other hand, cross country skiing is the perfect sport for the nuclear winter.” Mark was the only person who read far enough to notice.

Louis Cinquino wrote
A true force of nature in what he brought to Rodale’s flagship. In many ways Prevention was the mouthpiece for the whole company— and Mark made sure the magazine was both enjoyable to read and accurate beyond reproach. My lasting memory of him on a personal note was watching him happily chew through Maryland Crab Shells at a corporate retreat on the Eastern Shore. Couldn’t quite tell if he really thought that was best or just didn’t have the patience to crack and extract.

Don Schroder wrote
I worked with Mark on Pets: Part of the Family. In my interview he said, “I like the cut of your jib.” I certainly liked the cut of his jib. Mind blowingly smart and quick. A number of years ago, Mark lived down the road from me in a beautiful 1920 home in the West End of Allentown. He would always keep a lamp with a red light in the third floor front window.Sharon Stocker wrote
I remember Mark always championing opportunities for us to grow and stretch our wings. My favorite example was the time I was interviewing the program manager at the Golden Door spa for a Prevention article. We really connected, and toward the end, she said they had a last minute opening for the following week and could I come (free of charge)? When I asked Mark, he didn’t miss a beat: “Absolutely! Everyone should spend a week in their life at the Golden Door.” So off I went for an incredible experience, thanks to Mark’s expansive generosity, support, and mentorship.

Pat Corpora wrote
While Mark is mostly remembered for his editorial leadership on Prevention Magazine, he had a tremendous impact on our health book business authoring The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing and Natural Home Remedies that sold hundreds of thousands of copies each year. When I asked if he could do an “all new” Natural Home Remedies book he said “no” since Prevention readers weren’t sending their home remedies as frequently to the Mailbag section of the magazine. But, he didn’t forget my request and Bill Gottlieb, Debbie Yost and the rest of the editorial team came up with The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies that sold millions of copies over several years. An Editorial Genius!

Patricia Moore Brown wrote
Mark Bricklin and his mostly female editorial staff of PREVENTION often ate lunch together at Fitness House. Occasionally Mark would invite me to join them and discovered we both had an interest in Irish folk music. We once went an Irish music festival near Lansdale together where I ran into some musician friends from Penn State and he got to fulfill one of his childhood dreams. Mark said he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia that was a block away from a Catholic school run by Irish nuns. At recess time Mark would see the nuns dancing in big circles with their students and wished he could join them. At the festival Mark got to partner a nun in her habit for a few Irish dances, aerobic exercise with very little touching, that made him very happy. Here’s hoping there is an afterlife where Mark can have more fun.Rita Baker wrote
Among Mark’s qualities that I always appreciated, was how much he enjoyed, valued, and encouraged creative thinking, both editorial and visual. I have dear memories from the mid 80s through early 90s, of listening and contributing to lively collaborative idea sessions that resulted in quality work. It was a most enjoyable time.

Mark Remy wrote
This is terribly sad news, Mike, but thank you for sharing it. Mark was the very first person to interview me for my very first job at Rodale, back in 1996. I was incredibly nervous, but Mark put me at ease immediately. (With, by the way, a wisecrack that was INCREDIBLY blue, prompting the most nervous laugh I’ve ever produced.)
For me, Mark Bricklin was larger than life—a rare talent and a true mensch. That is how I’ll always remember him.Russell Wild wrote
A smart, talented, funny guy. Nothing stuffy or pretentious about Mark. Never. He walked into an editorial meeting one very cold winter morning, having just walked several miles. He sat at the head of the table, blew his nose into a tissue for the longest time, tossed the tissue in the trash, looked up at the rest of us, and said, “there goes the 8 pounds I wanted to lose.” Not your everyday editorial director! I’m so sorry to hear of his passing.


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