Marty Schottenheimer Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Former #SanDiego #Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer has Died.

By John Okoro | February 9, 2021

Marty Schottenheimer Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Former #SanDiego #Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer has Died.

Death Notice for Today February 9. 2021

Former #SanDiego #Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 9. 2021.

KPBS News @KPBSnews Former #SanDiego #Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer, who won 200 regular-season games with four NFL teams thanks to his “Martyball” brand of smash-mouth football, has died. He was 77.


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Joel Lowitt
When the Browns held training camp at Lakeland, I went out there once. I was at a 4 way stop and across from me was Marty. I waved him on and he gave me a head nod. Just a simple nod of the head. And I remembered that moment the rest of my life. RIP Coach.

Jill Camarillo
Awww. He was one of my favorite Browns head coaches. God Bless you Marty. Rest in eternal peace.

Robert Hartney
Condolences and prayers to the family! Marty knew what players could do and used their talents to the best of their ability to make the team better Gave me the best years of Browns football in my lifetime

Mike Vertal
Marty got the most out of his players. Turned three mediocre teams into contenders, and except for a few plays here or there, would’ve and should’ve won some trophies. One of the best ever. RIP Marty. Long live Martyball.

Dave Koontz
I’m too young to consider Paul Brown’s teams, but I believe Marty coached the best Browns teams of my lifetime.

Nikki Ak-Combs
I had just mentioned him to a friend the other day when I was telling him how good the Browns were during the Bernie Kosar era. Those were the days.

John J. Jouriles
To his family deepest condolences. Because in a way he becMe part of the Cleveland family. RIP.

Larry Foothills Calls
I remember people screaming to Fire Marty… We had not had a real coach since then… at least nobody consistent..RIP Marty… You will be missed.. and thank you for all the good seasons you gave us Browns fans..

Toby French
He was one of the best coaches Cleveland ever had, I remember watching the browns when I was 11, got me hooked on football forever because of him and the great team he had, he knew how to turn a team around, he will be missed

Ray Fanta
Great coach and person. Met him at a Boy Scout fundraiser. I asked him who to draft Tim Couch or Donovan Mcnab, he said Mcnab, good talent evalulator also.

Dan Vermillion
One of the best we ever had. Thanks Coach! It was awesome being a teenager watching our team win with you. #Dawgsforlife.

Debra Mitchell
Great football coach I believe he was head coach for the KC Chiefs at one time too ,sorry for his loss to all of his family,friends ,NFL ,and his fans !RIP Marty Schottenheimer

Colleen Henry
Great coach, a true class act! Cleveland football was that much better because of him. Blessings to his family.

Chad Hipps
Greatest so far got to see in lifetime so far being browns fan. 80s run to super bowl vs denver . yeah some heartbreakers but Marty you were great gave a lot of memories browns fans will never forget and a lot good times and winning .

Butch Easterday
He was a good coach. So good I followed him to Kansas city. Imagine coaching Joe Montana.
Rest is peace Marty Schottenheimer.

Jennifer Chagin Rosa
He was a leader of men, and believed that the Browns were more than a football team — they were a family. And he wanted a championship for this town as much as every fan did. RIP Marty

William Toporowsky
I had the honor of meeting him when he lived in the Deerfield Lake subdivision in Strongsville Ohio. I stopped him when he forgot to stop at a stop sign. He was friendly and cordial and apologized and was willing to accept the citation. Of course as a born and raised Browns fan he left me with a smile and my congratulations on a fine job but no ticket.

James Pelesky
He was a good leader, but failed to maximize Byner VS. Mack [& Mack was better at versatility & “movin’ the chains” than Chubb.] You can discern this hy watching film, just not the highlights, they’re far too “simpleton.” …why ???

Randy Tolen
Thank you Marty for your leadership, spirit and WINNING..providing some of the best teams/Browns memories I’ve ever had. You brought toughness and discipline to this organization….and everywhere you went. We’ll never forget you sir.

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