Matt Bilodeau Death – Obituary : Matt Bilodeau of vermont has Died.

By John Okoro | April 8, 2021

Matt Bilodeau Death – Obituary  : Matt Bilodeau of vermont has Died.

Matt Bilodeau has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on April 7. 2021.

Justin St. Louis 1d  · I sit in my house tonight by myself, with only my thoughts to keep me company. I’m alone this week because my wife and daughter are out of town. This morning I received a phone call at 7:05 from Mike Bruno. I knew that a call from him at that time of day couldn’t be a good sign, because in 10 years I don’t think it had never happened before. Sure enough, the news he delivered was tragic. We had all lost Matt Bilodeau. The reason that my family is out of town is because Matt and his team at Black Diamond Builders, along with Eric Friend and his crew at Friend Construction are currently renovating the kitchen in our 200-year-old house, and it’s not easy to have a toddler running around in the chaos. I was planning to call Matt at 7:15 this morning about electrical outlets. We had just texted about something else related to the project on Saturday night, too. Matt was the first person I called last summer when we decided to buy this house, in part because he was a racer and I wanted to support a racer, but also because Black Diamond came highly recommended by just about everyone we talked to. Matt was happy to get the call, but he was up front with me that he might not have the time take the whole project on, which includes the kitchen, bathrooms, insulation, staircase, windows, and a bunch of other stuff. Even knowing that he was strapped for time, and with two little ones of his own waiting for him at home, Matt was beyond patient with us. He spent weeks going over ideas with us, drawing up plans, creating a 35-page estimate, and submitting the paperwork to the people that needed it. He did a great deal of it early in the mornings before the sun came up, or at night after his workdays had ended, when he could’ve been home having supper with his wife and kids. He took the time from his family because he was a great friend and he cared about my family and me. Our finished kitchen, which is Linda’s dream, will be the fruit of Matt’s efforts, and I will always consider it to be part of his legacy. We have all been so excited about the rookie battle brewing in the Sportsman class at Devil’s Bowl this year between Johnny Bruno, Anthony Warren, and Matt. Those three were so much fun to watch in the Limiteds, and to have them all graduate together after finishing 1-2-3 in points last year… it was a dream come true for a guy like me who loves to tell stories. Matt won the last race he ran in October, and I have not a single doubt that he would’ve won against the top drivers this year. Matt was always pretty quiet about his racing when we talked. In all the visits that he made to the office, in all the times we chatted on pit road, in all the phone calls and meetings we had about the house, we always talked about kids first, or how business was going, or about how Vince Quenneville hadn’t dug his car out of the snowbank yet… and then we got to Matt’s racing later in the conversation. He was deeply passionate about the competition, and the man could flat-out drive – if you saw it, you know exactly what I mean – but even when he won races, he never wanted to make a big deal about himself. He was always reserved, humble, and careful to deflect praise to guys like Andy Quenneville or Jeff White or Kevin Smith who lent a hand. Matt was such a good person. I knew him as a quiet, positive guy with a warm smile, who was an expert observer. I looked forward to the next time that I would talk with him – every single time we spoke – from first meeting him and Tricia at a NASCAR banquet in Charlotte, NC years ago right through to texting with him on Saturday. I was looking forward to speaking with him at 7:15 this morning, too. I ultimately didn’t have that opportunity, but I went over to his pit stall and said thanks to him in my own way. Rest easy, my friend. And thanks.

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Theresa Eastman
He was such a great guy! My thoughts and prayers for all that were close to him and his family.

Shawn Phelps
Very thoughtful and heart felt message that you wrote about Matt. I am sure that his family and racing family appreciate your kind words.

Stephen Melendy
Sorry Justin, thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Sounds like you and the racing community, as well as the the general public lost a fine man.

Terrance Malone

Race In Perpetuity, Matt. Condolences to you, Matt’s fans, friends & competitors, and his family for the unexpected loss.

Bob Bryant
God bless family n friends ,didn’t no matt love to watch him race

Bucko Branham
Never really met him , but always admired his car , when I was at the bowl , I always mentioned to my crew that his car was one that stood out to me , from how it looked to the craftsman ship in detail!
My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

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