Michael Lang Death – Dead : Michael Lang Obituary :U Dayton Student has died from Coronavirus.

By | October 23, 2020

Michael Lang Death – Dead : Michael Lang Obituary :U Dayton Student has died from Coronavirus.

Michael Lang ,U Dayton has died from Coronavirus, according to the following statements posted on social media on October. 23, 2020.

“USSbriefs on Twitter: “‘U Dayton says one of its students has died “apparently due to complications from COVID-19”…Michael Lang, 18, was a 1st-yr student…and passed away yesterday after a lengthy hospitalization. He left campus on Sept 13 to return home for remote studying’”


Michelle Hill O’Brien wrote 
A good friend just lost her son to COVID at age 18. My heart hurts… Stay home. Save lives. Wear masks. Wash hands. Hold off on classes and sports. Be part of the solution…not part of the problem. ing for you

Kady Lang

Amy Huff Brown wrote 
My daughter is a freshman at UD. This is the third student death this year. So sad…Prayers for the family .

Biff Goldstein wrote 
You must be a nervous reck. I know you will be overly cautious with Megan! Be safe!

Keli Spanier wrote 
Terribly sad. I hate that people are so insensitive about young people getting covid.

Jason Jay-Man Cleveland wrote 
everyone will deal this at one time or another .. herd this thru .. humans will survive , YET sadly for the earth sake

Rudds Painting wrote 
What is connected mean? Either they have it or dont. No in between and no connected…
Mark Harvey wrote 
Shame news media has lied so many times we really don’t believe these stories anymore

Ron Turner wrote 
So many ignorant people quote fake memes that the coronavirus only kills a small number of people. No common sense. If you died from a covid-triggered heart attack you didn’t die from heart disease. Covid killed you.

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