Mike Finnigan Death – Obituary News : hammond organ player, musician Mike Finnigan has died .

By | September 13, 2021

Mike Finnigan Death – Obituary News : hammond organ player, Mike Finnigan has died .

We are sad to report that hammond organ player, Mike Finnigan has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 11. 2021.

Dave Mason  15h  · I was going through some old shows from the 70’s yesterday. Jim Krueger (Guitar/Voc), Gerald Johnson (Bass), Rick Jaeger (Drums) and one of the greatest singers & hammond organ players, Mike Finnigan. I just got the news that Mike passed away today. What can I say say about this man…we played together for most of the 70’s. Great shows, great band. Check out him singing “Going Down Slow” on the Dave Mason “Certified Live“ album (live show link in comments). One of the highlights for me was at my Mother’s memorial whom both Graham Nash and Stephen Stills sang at. Mike ended it with “Going To A Higher Ground”…one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever heard. My Mother was indeed being transported to a Higher Ground, in style. Thank you Mike for all the music we made together… 5.9K5.9K 581 Comments 456 Shares Like Comment Share

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Jackie Dunn wrote
Those were all-star players who I would see in the credits. Music like yours Dave, gives hope for something better. Music is like a miracle. Einstein said; “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle The other is as though everything is a miracle. “Einstein believed in God.” John 5:25″ Most truly I say to you the hour is coming and it is now when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God.. John 5:28″Do not be amazed at this for the hour is coming in which all those in their memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out. “We can believe in miracles.Y our mom and Mike are in a good place.
Mary E Malley wrote
So sorry for the loss of your buddy. Saw this configuration of your band many times in the 70’s. Such a loss, may he rest in peace.Bill Jones
I assume this is the same Finnigan as was part of Finnigan & Wood. I loved the album Crazed Hipsters. Classic. RIP Mr Finnigan.Michael Kevin Massey wrote
I saw him with CSN a time or two, and once with Stephen Stills. He was great. Praying for comfort and peace for all of his family, friends, and love ones, including you.Michael J Grasso wrote
That lineup on the 1976 Certified Live album is Dave’s best lineup and one of the best lineups in the history of music. RIP Mike. From that band is only two left Dave and Gerald Johnson.

Bill Larstead
Love Mike’s playing on Jimi’s Electric Ladyland for which he was never paid. But he later cheerfully said that album credit earned him loads of gigs!
Don Budman wrote
So sorry about the loss of your friend , Mike. Rock and Roll heaven is getting crowded. You also mentioned your bassist, the great Gerald Johnson. In the early 70s, before joining up with you, Gerald played with Steve Miller. I saw the SM Band in suburban Maryland one night. The next day this guy comes into the liquor store where I worked wearing this fantastic SM Band shirt. When I commented , the man introduced himself as Gerald Johnson. I probably embarrassed myself with admiration. We shook hands and he left. The next time I went to work, the shirt was at the store waiting for me. Gerald had returned later that day and left the shirt for me. That was 50 years ago. He’s been my bass hero ever since. If Gerald reads this, it was in Palmer Park, MD. He knows the place.
Anderson Orr wrote
Oh no! This news stings.
I bought every Mike Finnigan lp I could find because of his time in your band, and this iteration of the band was, in my opinion, the best!
I was delighted when Mike joined Bonnie Raitt’s band. It seemed like a perfect fit for Bonnie and Mike.
But just last week I went on a Mike Finnigan explore to hear what he’s been doing that I’ve missed. Interestingly, some of his latest vocals with other artists sounded to me as if he might not be well.
I am so sorry he’s gone. Mike became one of my musical heros because of his time playing, singing, and performing with the Dave Mason Band.Pat Dugan wrote
Saw your line up many times. Finnegan always stood out. But my first notice was his contributions on Jimi’s Electric Ladyland album.Richard Radloff wrote
Sad loss of a brilliant player. Always loved his shuffle on Jimi’s “Rainy Day Dream Away”, that’s such a cool grove and feel. He was a master of the B3.Peter Reimann wrote
Oh no. I was fortunate to work hospitality at a concert you played at Stony Brook Univ. In 1972 with Jackson Browne. Contrary to the norm, you welcomed me and my friend into the Green Room. We were way to young and nervous to really party with you but you were so gracious to us. I remember Mike first because I was a keyboard player. But most of all I remember him as being one of the funniest people I ever met. He had an infection laugh and just seemed to be larger than life.
Many years later I was thrilled to see him playing with Joe Cocker and I waited by the stage door for him to come out. He came out through the loading zone and I called his name. He came ambling across the driveway to greet me. He was just as gracious as I remembered.
God bless him.

Cary Walker wrote
That’s California Jam II, 1978, at Ontario Motor Speedway. I was there! Very sad news of Mike’s passing. I still remember his great organ solo in Let it Flow at that concert, I replay that footage a lot.

Davee Bryan
Oh, NO!
Condolences to Family, Friends and Fellow Musicians…
Man…He was Really Something!
I feel so fortunate to have seen that line up on three occasions back then. The middle show, at the UVM Field House in late fall of ’76, is STILL one of my All Time Faves). Such Sad News…at least it sparked a few special memories.
Toby Proctor wrote
I got to see Mike a bunch of times here in Kansas City. The Phantom Blues Band was great. When he organized the Vietnam Vets fund for a wall in the KC area, he got Crosby, Stills and Nash (Crosby’s first show since prison), George Thorogood and then John Fogerty playing CCR stuff for the first time. What a show at Memorial Auditorium in KCK!

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