Missing Cupcake Death : Patrick Devone Stallworth and Derrick Irisha Brown Arrested.

By | October 23, 2019

Kamille Mckinney “Cupcake” Death : Missing three year old found dead, Patrick Devone Stallworth and Derrick Irisha Brown Arrested.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (MARKET NEWS) – Body of Little Girl Found Dead in Alabama.

Police has found the body of a three year old missing Alabama girl Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney.

Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney went missing during a birthday party, she was last seen at an outdoor birthday party on October 12th at a public housing complex. Her missing prompted a nationwide search.

Kamille Mckinney Dead: Her body was later discovered in a dumpster at a landfill

Her body was later discovered in a dumpster at a landfill, according to a statement released by Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith on Tuesday.

“I hope that this message is not lost to young mothers, to grandmothers, and to the entire Birmingham community: it only takes a split second,” Smith said. “We can no longer assume that everyone is part of the village that is trying to raise the child.”

Police however has arrested two suspect in the murder of  Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, the two suspects was identified as  Derick Brown and Patrick Stallworth .

Patrick Devone Stallworth and Derrick Irisha Brown are suspected of killing kamille mckinney “cupcake”

The two suspect was taking into custody and are being charged for kidnapping and capital murder.

A surveillance video at the housing complex helped track the two suspect down, the clip showed two small children, one of them Kamille McKinney, playing at the housing complex before two men walk past them. One of the men stops and talks to the children.

“It’s the second male that comes up and engages the children. And so the first male who walks by in this video, he may have pertinent information that will help us,” Smith said on Friday.

This is how this cases was reported on live televisions.

Tributes and Reactions.

The following is how people reacted to this story on social media.

Find Abby wrote

I woke up to this very horrible news. I prayed so hard for this precious baby lastnight. I have been following it and although I knew after the 24 hour mark of being missing it didn’t look promising, I had hope. Why would you take a precious baby and hurt her. To do this to a baby makes you a monster and you should not have the right to breathe another breath. I know deep down that Abby’s case is not looking like a promising outcome, so I follow and get attached to missing cases such as this hoping that child is found alive. When it ends like this, I can’t help but mourn that child and lose hope. This family needs prayers more than ever now.

Birmingham Police Chief has asked that the community refrain from looking for someone to blame for cupcake’s death and “if you must point fingers- point them at the perpetrators in custody…” I guess that’s because when it gets down to the bare roots… the DOJ failed CUPCAKE by allowing this person the freedom and opportunity to be a repeat offender and ultimately a heartless baby killer! I just can’t understand why in the world Derick Irisha Brown was even breathing the same air as Cupcake McKinney, SHE WAS OUT ON BOND from her PRIOR child abduction case from July 2018 when she abducted 3 children at gunpoint! The Jefferson Co grand jury indicted her on 3 felony kidnapping charges, 2nd degree assault, attempting to elude AND 4 counts of reckless endangerment less than a year ago! And Patrick Stallworth…he was held 48 hours then charged with child pornography possession with the intent to distribute – bond $500,000 and he was released within 2 days! Grave miscarriage of justice here!

Kim Marie wrote
WTF has become of this world we are living in! Leave our children alone! So many disgusting humans in this world but why? If I was still of childbearing age I would not bring a child into today’s world. I know bad things have happened for years but it is now of epidemic proportions! Prayers & condolences to this little girl & her family!.
Evil is not being dealt with. Lawyers are getting sex offenses downgraded to harassment charges so they don’t have to even register. Today, laws protect the criminals not the victims. I was even told that by law enforcement. We live in a sad day!! Something has got to change!!.

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