Monster Hunter World Iceborne Review

By admin | September 6, 2019

Monster Hunter World Iceborne adds loads of impressive monsters to an already incredible game.

See this review:

The folliwng are comments and reactions to this news.
John Jerwin So Capcom:
Are the icebourne sales reaching the expected numbers?
Employee: Yes sir we’ve well surpassed the expected sales.
Capcom: Release the trailer
Employee: But sir we have more than enough
Capcom: I said release.. The…. RAJANG!

Anniversary Follower
Brandon Williams Monster Hunter thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Now my new to MH friend gets to feel what I felt so long ago. Your team is really kicking so much ass on this DLC it gives me joy to see worthy paid DLC again. My favorite game series, you never disappoint but man it’s super nice to see something that isn’t a wyvern! Thank you again. Holy cow.

Steven Dunk

Even though this monster makes me want to sit alone in the dark and evaluate my life choices, he’s still welcome. One of my favorite MH memories is when me and the homie who got me hooked on the series did the triple Rajang in GU with adept greatsword.

Jason Schweigl

I’m just hoping that once they start to run out of classic monsters to torture hunters with, that they might start tapping into the monster list from Frontier. So many monsters I’ve never gotten to try simply because that game never was made accessible outside of Japan.

Lukas Harvey

I’m pumped for this! I remember when I beat double rajang and unlocked this attachment that made my armor change colors. What a tough ass enemy. This is great! Fatalas would also be really nice but I’m just being greedy .

Felix Gaboc

Imagine in a Deviljho hunt, you cut Jho’s tail when suddenly Rajang pops out from outta nowhere and uses the tail as a club and beats both the hunter and Jho senseless with it before spotting Bazel flying high in the air. He leaps, grabs Bazel, and powebombs the poor thing.

Macky Gorgonio

Boom about to hit you with some deepest lore. One day they release Arc Tempered Rajang but you notice none of its colors change. Fur still brown and rage mode still yellow. But then you notice its has gold flakey effects coming out of its fur. Rajang begins to auto evade all your attacks in rage mode and then it dawns on you…

Mardin Andrade

MHW Noobs: “ Rajang looks cool. What’s its weakness?”
*MH Vets looking off into the distance with memories of being obliterated by Rajang playing in their heads*
MH Vets: *in solemn voice* “It doesn’t matter”

Nathan Molleur Question:

will World an iceborne work like the older games an there ultimate versions?
In that, if you bought the physical versions of World an iceborne seperatly, you can you transfer your save data from world over to iceborne?

Thomas Carollo

Nathan Molleur Yes, Iceborne adds Master Rank, which is the equivalent of G rank in the other games
You can’t buy the expansion by itself in physical form, it comes with the base game. If you already have World you can buy the digital version of IB, so no need to transfer saves either

Nathan Molleur Thomas

Carollo ok thank you. I already own a physical copy of world, an I preordered a physical version of iceborne, so I just wanted to be sure that if I had to start from the beginning, I’d at least have the hundreds of hours worth of stuff still with me.

Brock Swanson

I swear to God if there are still Iron weapons with different Monster handles in Iceborne I’m going to be triggered. Honestly that isn’t even a new weapon it’s just so lazy to see and you’d think they’d learn from the first time. I look forward to Iceborne but damn please give me incentive to make a weapon. There is a PIZZA Switch Axe in the old games, please dont be lazy and just not even work on weapon designs.

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