More Lake Piru Deaths as Glee Actress Naya Rivera is Presumed Dead.

By | July 10, 2020
After Glee actress Naya Rivera went missing in Lake Piru in California reports are emerging that the Lake is very dangerous. According to a report by Market News. 


The 1,200-acre reservoir has been the site of numerous drownings over the years due to chilly temperatures that can overwhelm swimmers — as well as strong winds that are powerful enough to tip over a small boat, the Los Angeles Times reported.

What are People Saying

Lake Piru is too deadly for swimming due to it’s depth, strong winds, depris and trees in water, uneven surfaces, and chilling temperatures; should I say more? Swimming should not be allowed at Lake Piru @VENTURASHERIFF@CountyVentura@vcstar

— Stop the Drowning at Lake Piru (@StopTheDrowning) July 10, 2020

CCTV footage released by the Ventura County Officials showing the “Glee” star Naya Rivera just hours before her presumed death at Lake Piru. (via @TMZ)

— BuzzingPopMedia (@BuzzingPopMedia) July 10, 2020

This entire story is suspicious.4y old climbs back on the boat alone and takes a nap? W out his mom? And her body isn’t found? And now she’s the 3rd death on the show?she is 33y old? Lake Piru (devil) come on son! #GodComeAndGetUsAlready

— Freedomfighter (@no_phux) July 10, 2020

Lake Piru is cursed. There has been so many disappearances, drownings and deaths that have happened there since 1994. I dont know why they still let people swim in the lake?? #NayaRivera

— shali 🇵🇭 (@shalicastillo) July 10, 2020

Can we try to get them to please ban swimming at Lake Piru all together?

All of the victims from #LakePiru including possibly Naya Rivera, deserve justice. These deaths will keep happening until they don’t allow swimming.#PrayForNaya

— Stop the Drowning at Lake Piru (@StopTheDrowning) July 10, 2020

The United Water Conservation District: Help prevent anymore deaths at #LakePiru – Sign the Petition! #NayaRivera


Prayers for her safe return 😔💔

— Stop the Drowning at Lake Piru (@StopTheDrowning) July 10, 2020

these photos were posted 2 days ago under Lake Piru’s reviews. I think if they have absolutely ANYTHING to do with this, it’s that Naya could’ve possibly been hit by one while in the water. If she was kidnapped I think her son would’ve said more than what he did. #NayaRivera

— Shelby (@shelbyjohoch) July 10, 2020

We need some news, good news about Naya Rivera, I haven’t seen any new updates at all. There’s so many things are are still unclear, I pray she’s okay and that she’s still with us…someway, somehow. #FindNaya #FindNayaRivera #missingpersons #LakePiru

— S A M Z I L L A (@MsKittensXO) July 10, 2020

A.J. wrote To be clear, I am NOT saying there’s foul play or anything else here. The only thing I can think of that would make recovery impossible is if Naya fell victim to a whirlpool which dragged her to the bottom of lake and under debris. It seems like Lake Piru should have warnings.

Jillian Risberg wrote 
Can’t wrap my mind around the heartbreaking news abt
 & authorities ignoring the public’s pleas for years imploring the city to put up warning signs for swimmers. Lake Piru: warning signs/ Pls Sign Petition!
Nac wrote Naya’s disappearance is tragic, but not the time to push an illogical agenda.
Unfortunately, nature can be dangerous.
I snuck into lake piru this morning, it’s no more dangerous than any other ocean, pool, river, or lake.
Tragedies are tragedies, but the solution isn’t bans.

J Alejandrez-Prasad wrote 
1 year we were camping at Lake Piru when I was a teen &a woman disappeared during boating. I remember they closed the lake & brought in the chopper. They should’ve closed the grounds but allowed biz to run as usual. That never sat well w me #nayarivera

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