Morgan Mccaffery , Nazareth Academy Grad Stabbed to Death, Gilbert Newton III Arrested.

By | July 28, 2020

A woman who was stabbed to death during a domestic fracas at a SEPTA station in Montgomery County Monday morning has been identified as Morgan Mccaffery. According to a statement posted online on Jul. 27, 2020 by Philadelphia’s CBS local News.

Graduate of Nazareth Academy High School.

McCaffery was further identified as a person who recently graduated from Nazareth Academy High School, a private, Roman Catholic, all-girls high school in Philadelphia’s Grant Ave.

She was programmed study dentistry before her life was cut short.

18-year-old Gilbert Newton iii Arrested.

Officials in Philadelphia has arrested a person suspected to have stabbed McCaffery to death. Charges was announced on Gilbert Newton to include first-degree murder in connection to McCaffrey’s death.

Broken Relation Led to Fatal Stabbing .

Investigators discovered that Gilbert Newton and the victim was engaged in romantic relationship before things went wrong and they two separated.

Newton having dated Mccaffery knew her daily route and therefor knew the exact time she will be at the train station .

It’s believed that Newton had preplanned to murder Mccaffery by coming to meet her with a knife. Autopsy conducted on the deceased revealed she was stabbed more than 30 times.

District Attorney Issued Statement.

The Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele issued the following statement.

“A young woman with her whole life ahead of her, just graduated from high school, was brutally stabbed to death. This murder is a tragedy for her family, her friends and everyone who loved her. Sadly, we are seeing relationship violence and domestic violence far too often during this pandemic.”


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