Moses McCormick Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has Died.

By | September 13, 2021

Moses McCormick Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has Died.

Death Notice for Today March 5. 2021

Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on March 5. 2021.

Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has died from languagelearning

Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has died Discussion Nothing official has been released, but I’m Facebook friends with Moses and I’ve seen multiple posts on his page indicating that he died today. He was just short of his 40th birthday. Moses was one of my biggest inspirations for language learning. He would let nothing stop him from learning practically every language in existence. Just yesterday I saw a post of his in Sinhala – not the sort of language you’d expect a man from Akron, Ohio to learn. Moses studied Chinese at Ohio State university and always had more of a focus on Asian languages but I’ve heard him speaking Bulgarian, Wolof, you name it. As far as I know Moses leaves behind a wife and two kids, though I haven’t been very up to date on his personal life.

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oh god. my health anxiety is flaring up so bad now. if someone slim and in shape can die early like that, i’m on my way to an early death


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I felt the same when I learned my coworker passed away. He’s super athletic, took care of his body. He was in his early 30s when he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while having dinner at a restaurant with his husband. Passed away a couple of days later. Turns out he battled high blood pressure for many years.

I’m certainly not athletic and I’m older than him. If it could happen to him, I thought that certainly it could happen to me soon.

But later I reasoned that everyone’s situation is different and we don’t get to see the whole picture. Best thing to do is speak with your doctor about your health and have them guide you to the best opportunities where you can make the best positive impact on your health and hope for the best. Nothing is guaranteed.

He really showed people that you didn’t have to be young or live in the country to learn another language. He was so important and inspiring for adult learners in tearing down common myths surrounding language learning.

He is the sole reason for me interest in language learning, been going on for one and a half year now, and I really only have this guy to thank.

This would be quite upsetting if true. Regardless of how you feel about the guys methods he inspired quite a lot of people to become interested in languages and language learning. 40 years old still feels like too young to die. But we will have to wait and see for more details. Remember not to pester his family or friends who could potentially be in grieving and let them report the event on their own terms.

Edit: as this post gains more traction and it seems more likely for the story to be true I will pay my respects in saying that Moses was a huge inspiration in regards to my own personal language project. His videos were part of what helped me solidify my ideas on the stages of fluency every learner will and should go through, and he helped me understand best a lot of the hypotheses I had regarding polyglots and their learning styles. His videos were also an example of the kind of skills I wanted to help people develop through using my courses.

He never knew me, but he definitely left an impact and I probably wouldn’t be the same without him. Sometimes his videos were just enjoyable fluff I could watch after a long day at work while I ate dinner. I will miss the guy and hope that those in grieving can take some consolation in his largely positive impact on many of the individuals who enjoyed his content like I did.


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