Mpura and Killer Kau Death – Obituary News : Amapiano artists Killer Kau & Mpura Mpura has died from car accident.

By | September 10, 2021

Mpura and Killer Kau Death – Obituary News : Amapiano artists Killer Kau & Mpura Mpura has died from car accident.

We are sad to report that Amapiano artists Killer Kau & Mpura Mpura  has passed away after a fatal car accident. according to the following statements posted on social media on August 9. 2021.

Dizzy Dee  4h  · RIP: Amapiano artists Killer Kau & Mpura Mpura in fatal accident Four lives from the industry are cut short with the passing of Killer Kau, Mpura, Khanya Hadebe and Killer Kau’s DJ TOT. More updates to follow. Rapper Riky Rick took to his Instagram to bid farewell to Mpura, saying: “Rest In Peace our Mpura. You were the happiest person in every room, your spirit was what we needed in our lives, selfless, humble and loving. Love you so much my brother. Thank you for everything you did while you were still here. Gonna miss you so much bro. Im sorry your journey had to end like this. Condolences to the family and the friends, we loved you so much bro. Lala Kahle.” Earlier tweets about Kabza being one of the fatalities were false. #RIPKillerKau #RIPMpura #RIPKhanyaHadebe #RIPTOT

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Innocentia Mamiki wrote .
Yoh ngeke we r going to die guys all we have to do is appreciate those who are around us while we still can life is too short…
Tumishi Josea wrote
Celebrities must reveal their secrets before things get worsen.Nothing more than we know and believe that things they use for famous and money takes their soul at early stage.We know that money is everything but not by risking it with your life.Laone Ndlovu
Death is death. What’s important is to spend the rest of your life after desth with Jesus. Or else the real death is awaiting for you at hell fireNoccie Bee Gumede wrote
It’s seems like God speaks thru us before we die coz Abantu abaningi bayakwenza lokhu. Sbxnelx Mathxnsi Xmuhle
So sad its unbelievable for real and I thought it was fake news at first I didn’t take it serious because sometimes in social media you can’t believe everything they post
So its sad for real my sincere condolences to the families it is a sad loss Indeed and may God strengthen their families through this difficult time and to their fans I’m sorry heyMminaKgomo Mohwaduba MailaLehu wrote
Advice to gentlemen: Let’s get our lives in order before it’s too late. Get a stable chick, make kids and leave a legacy. Life is definitely too short

Cqiniseko Cyanda Mntungwa
But that pic has nun’ to do with Killer_Kau and Mpura_Mpura tragic death… Seeing those lefty driven cars, it’s clearly shows that it’s not in SA!!!.

Lindokuhle Younger Pumza wrote
Guys according to him he had his life in order niyahlupha telling people how to live while you yóurselves you still putting the puzzle together

Raps Afrika wrote
Blessings Ramoba Blog please verify your info before you post you have many followers to be posting false information, this is not in South Africa since when we have left steering cars in the country.

Bonga Mkalali wrote
Is this the real accident scene? It’s rare to find left hand side steering wheel in SA. the car in the middle looks like cadillac, were they driving a cadillac? I’m just curious-corrections are welcome

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