Mr. Chi Pig Death -Dead – Obituary : SNFU frontman Dies at 57.

By | July 17, 2020

Mr. Chi Pig Death -Dead – Obituary : SNFU frontman Dies at 57.

We regret to report that Mr. Chi Pig  has passed away, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 15, 2010.

Edmonton-born SNFU frontman Ken Chinn (aka Mr. Chi Pig) has died at age 57.

The second youngest of 12 children born to German and Chinese parents in October 1962, the punk legend was a mainstay of Edmonton’s hardcore punk scene during the 1980s. The cause of his death is currently unknown. The Edmonton Sun reported. 

Cause of Death.

We have not cause of the information for the deceased right now, this story will be updated once we have that information.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Ill Will Editions wrote 
RIP Ken “Mr. Chi Pig” Chinn, singer of legendary Canadian punk band SNFU and an icon of gay prole rebellion. 
A true OG. You’ll be missed.

Dave Feldmann wrote 
Great cover, man. That was my first SNFU album and I think it’s one of their best. Some of my older friends back in St. Louis saw them come through town pretty often back in the 80s. 

Franco Alo Photo  wrote 
I may not have known #SNFU to the degree of other people, but I will never forget the impact Ken Chinn made on me in 2007 when we met him at PUB 340 in Vancouver and he made 2 drawings for our band. Rest well 

William Dressyman  wrote 
When I was younger I had a friend give me some money to get him some food. On my way to get it, I stopped in a record store and came across The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed. I didn’t have enough for it, needless to say, my friend went without food that day. 

Griller Monsoon  wrote 
awww man….rest in power Chi Pig. My aunt loved you coming into The Cambie and charming everyone.
Tamara Taggart  wrote 
I just heard Chi Pig (Ken Chinn) died last night at the age of 57. I took this portrait of #ChiPig at the Carnegie Centre in December 2011, I couldn’t believe it when he walked through the door. Ken lit up the room, a true frontman + a Vancouver #punk legend. #SNFU RIP Chi Pig.

The Buckingham  wrote 
If you care about art, spend today honoring the life of Ken Chinn. Chi Pig was the best frontperson in punk. He was a cultural icon. He was an Edmonton music legend. 
You’ll never be forgotten, Chi Pig!

Salvatore Jenko  wrote 
Right now an angel is getting a whip cream halo and puff wheat shower from an angel with his shoes on fire. 

Bob Ladewig  wrote 
Mr. Chi Pig, lead singer of the Canadian punk band SNFU has died.I’ve always loved this song and the message within.

Ian Winwood  wrote 
I don’t think I’d yet seen a punk show when I got the tape. I’d certainly never heard of Edmonton, Alberta, which sounded impossibly exotic when Chi Pig announced that’s where they were from. And I’d never heard music like theirs. Thinking back, it was a really important C90!

Ian Winwood  wrote 
I first heard She’s Not On The Menu, by SNFU, when I was 15, and it introduced me to an entirely different point of view. Today I’m reminded of punk rock’s habit of being on the right side of an argument, sometimes decades ahead of schedule. RIP Mr. Chi Pig.

E Siobhan Fox faceOld key  wrote 
So I learned last night of Chi Pig passing. To some he’s a Canadian punk God but to me he’s a fixture of my nights out. He was almost always there.  Doing his own thing alone or with friends. He was a character that… 

The Public Archive  wrote 
Rest in Power Mr Chi Pig, brilliant lyricist, kinetic performer, Edmonton-born Asian kid who fronted SNFU, the greatest punk band to grace our planet. His genius couldn’t stave off schizophrenia and houselessness. Crowd surf in heaven, brother Ken Chin.

RUMPUS  wrote 
RIP Mr. Chi Pig. My music roots came from Punk Rock and @SNFUofficial was a huge part of that. I’ve never met a character quite like Chi Pig. Thank you for your music, rest easy legend.

Vancouver flag at half mast for chi pig  wrote 
I seem to be actually bothered by the passing of #chipig.
I have the unmistakable feeling this is about me somehow, but I guess there’s a little processing time required.

 Mr. Chi Pig Death -Dead – Obituary : SNFU frontman Dies at 57.

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