Myers Garage Schellsburg Pa Shooting : Protest Organized by Frank Nitty Turned Violent.

By | August 26, 2020

Myers Garage Schellsburg Pa Shooting : Protest Organized by Frank Nitty Turned Violent.

The Pennsylvania state police responded to a shooting incident in Bradford Interchange on Tuesday evening.

According to police, this incident does involve the same community activist group that was marching from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C. Police say the two incidents are being treated and investigated as separate.

No injuries have resulted from this incident and nobody was struck. According to a report by

These two people (pictured below) shot at marchers organized by #FrankNitty. The man they shot was said by Frank to be held by police in hospital. Police lied & claimed there was ‘exchange’ of fire. On stream, the group was clearly ambushed by the shooters in this red truck.
Posted on twitter by Patrick Bruck. 

Comments and Reactions

Moreover the shooting incident in Bradford, PA have  generated a lots of angry reactions on social media.

Here are some statement posted on twitter.

George D. Valdivia wrote 

So the shooting in Bedford,Pa happened because the BLM and ANTIFA thugs were trespassing on a residents private property and business. When they were asked to leave, they refused and became confrontational. The property owner saw weapons and shot the Wisconsin man.

George D. Valdivia wrote 

is now threatening to burn the courthouse and have sent the property owner death threats. Armed citizens are now protecting both the courthouse and the home of the incident. I received word there was a shooting at the Hampton Inn

Vanessa wrote 

#911! This needs coverage now ! These guys need higher authority help! This PA Town of Bedford is detaining a hate crime VICTIM.The media is lying and saying there was an altercation when a man just came out of his house, at night and started shooting 40+ from MKE

Benjamin Young Savage wrote 

A girl I went to college with, who hung out constantly with us International Students, who openly talked about dating and fetishizing Black guys back then…

…with praise for white vigilantes shooting Black Lives Matter protestors in her hometown of Bedford, PA.

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One thought on “Myers Garage Schellsburg Pa Shooting : Protest Organized by Frank Nitty Turned Violent.

  1. sam

    10 cars pulled onto private property and occupants refused to leave when asked. This occurred at night at a residence in a rural area. What do blm people think will happen? These people are asking for trouble. They can expect anything that comes their way including being followed back to their own homes.


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