Myron Dewey Death – Obituary News: filmmaker, journalist, digital storyteller has died .

By | September 27, 2021

Myron Dewey Death – Obituary News: filmmaker, journalist, digital storyteller has died .

We are sad to report that Myron Dewey,  a filmmaker, journalist, digital storyteller, and the founder of Digital Smoke Signals, a media production company that aims to give a platform to indigenous voices in media has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 26. 2021.

Josh Fox wrote .

My friend, mentor, brother and partner in activism and film Myron Dewey has passed on. He was in the prime of his life, he was doing amazing incredibly hard vital work. He was a leader and light to all of us. He taught me so much. He was a constant presence in my life as we worked together on our programs the past five years. His loss is devastating. He provided so much for his community and his friends and his relatives. I will be forever his student and am forever changed by all he gave to me. “Let your work speak for you” he told me. “See the world through indigenous eyes” he told the world. There are so many more lessons I’ll relate to everyone soon, but for this moment I can’t stop crying for my friend. I’m angry at the universe and I feel that the planet has been robbed of a great man, a teacher, and someone we all could have learned decades more lessons from. Thank you all to my friends who have called in the past two hours. This news is impossible to understand. Myron- thank you my brother, words can’t describe how I will miss you. I had your words in my ears all day. I will continue to listen to them and hear your voice, your wisdom, your guidance and your prayers. I am thankful for the time that we had in this fight together. Your work will fight on and we will never forget you. +3 400400 56 Comments 106 Shares Like Comment Share

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Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Darren Moore wrote
A big loss. His work at Standing Rock (My wife’s rez) helped in part inspire our work in Tacoma against LNG and the live stream-based documentary we published. Myron was universally liked in the community and NDN country has lost an important voice and protector.Debra Bonneau wrote
I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. May he rest in peace.

Johnny Linehan wrote
There’s a Myron shaped hole in the universe, but the words and love he passed to you and all the people he met, will remain and will fill that hole with the inspiration he gave to you all.
You who knew him are his headstone.

Mary Repman wrote
A loss this world could not afford. A man who had the wisdom and the heart and soul to change this world.
Trina Redner wrote
that day in traverse city was awesome, thank you for being a good influence on him .Yana Reid wrote
I went to undergrad with Myron at Haskell Indian Nations University. He was the same person as he was today. Always thinking about what’s truly important. He has always been an exceptional human.

Eileen Wilson wrote
No no no
He Is light, the voice the love that made sense and calmness in teaching us, all who are willing. Always. It will not be for naught. I love you Myron Dewey, all loving energy to your family for peace hope and healing.Patty Debassige wrote
OMG, so devastating to hear. I never met Myron I person, he was a leader In the live’s during DAPL pipeline protests. So sorry for this loss. Prayers for his family.

Anita Sherman wrote
I am so sorry. Sending my condolences to all with courage and healing during this difficult time.

Lika Lopez wrote
Josh Fox After this moment of loss and grieve make sure to find his guidance, I’m sure he will keep showing you the way.Michael Stewart wrote
May his continued journey be a as full as his manifest life. I am
Sorry for your loss brotha, may his memory continue to be a light for all You share , with us all. Peace

Tanyette Colon wrote
I felt anger race through me as well when I heard the news this evening along with a watershed of tears. I will miss our long phone conversations and check-ins. I learned so much from him. Thank you for putting into words what I cannot express at the moment. His vision lives on in all of us.

Donna M Tadeyeske wrote
I remember speaking with him during standing rock protest and When they blocked the bridge I called the police department and questioned why and how they could do that!! I recorded the conversation and shared it with him!! He said I did good with the questions I addressed with them, asking if we could cross and they said if we went off the bridge it’s private property and would be arrested I said can we be catapulted over the barriers lol and they said no we will be arrested!!
A warrior I will never forget!!Karen Enzie-Craig wrote
Devastated to hear this news. What a great warrior. Condolences to all family and friends. I felt like I knew him during all his communication at Standing Rock. Prayers for his journey home.

Cobbie Coriz wrote
Myron was the reason, I started following you (and will continue too) Sending you Thoughts & Prayers

Wendy Botwin wrote
I’m gutted with grief… I’m grateful to have known Myron in person and not just as a digital warrior I have so much love and respect for… Crying with all of you..


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