Nadia ziegler Death – Dead :  Nadia ziegler Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

By | August 21, 2020

Nadia ziegler Death – Dead :  Nadia ziegler Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Nadia ziegler has died, according to the following statements posted on social media on August. 21, 2020.

Penn Fusion SA on Twitter: “It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of one of our own. Nadia was sensitive, sweet, spunky, tenacious and above all a caring and loving person. Our lives were made better because we knew her. Rest in peace, Nadia.


Loved this beautiful, free spirited soul..FULL of life and love for nature. She adored gardening with her boyfriend & best friend, Kyle. They were inseparable. They loved their chickens. They loved the Boardman River. It seemed she was never indoors.
Nadia was super athletic, loaded with creative ambition and had so many innovative, massive plans for her future. To meet her was to be inspired.
Thank you so much for praying for her grieving family & friends. Hearts are broken.

Debbie Pool Marsh wrote 
Very sadden by this. Have kept them in my prayers. It’s so strange how a complete stranger can tug at your heart.

Sharon Hubbell Busuttil wrote 
Such a loss and prayers to her family. It was an accident, can happen to any of us. A lesson learned, reminder to each of us no matter who you toss the blame on

Ginger Reed wrote 
Prayers for both families. So hard to lose a child and also for the driver to have to live with this the rest of his life.

Debbie Watt wrote 
Condolences to the family if it is known for joggers bikers why don’t the county put in a path off the road but next to it.

Diane Buschalla wrote 
Accidents do happen. As we were going into town yesterday traveling on 31, I saw a young woman standing in the median, trying to make it across the busy highway. She was dressed in black jogging attire and was standing ram rod straight, probably scared to death of all the traffic speeding by.

My b/f didn’t even see her there until I mentioned it as he was paying attention to the traffic ahead of us. She could have easily been hit by anyone! My heart was in my throat thinking that she could actually be hit by an unsuspecting motorist. I’ve also walked in my neighborhood where ppl fly by, not even bothering to move to the side a bit when they see me. (I walk on the very edge of the blacktop) I’ve been forced many times to walk into the gravel or they could easily have hit me. This is a tragic accident. May she RIP.

Suzan Baker Phillips wrote 
Why do all you heartless people look to find blame. The police will do that. How about RIP and prayers to the family. My she run with the angels .

Misty Lynn Furgeson wrote 
Pretty sad, a majority of you people are blaming a person that’s not hurting anyone!!! The road is there for vehicles to stay ON the road! Them lines are there for a reason !! I feel so bad for the family of this very young women!!.

Kim Schafer wrote 
What a tragedy! Drivers need to be more aware of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Emily Morgan Ellis wrote 
I really hope they detain and question the driver. This is a huge red flag after all the incidents of people being run down/killed/swerved at in similar instances (namely, the 2013 hit and run incident near Washington street downtown, of the woman on July 4th riding home a few blocks on her bike).

Julie L. Smart wrote 
This is a terrible tragedy…
I witnessed a man walking along 31 dressed in dark clothing, in the dark. You could barely see him. Sometimes people need to be more sensible as well.

Theresa Beals wrote 
If you do jog please wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight or ANYTHING that makes you visible. This also goes for children waiting at bus stops. RIP to the young lady and prayers for her family left behind they are hurting.

Barbie LaPratt-Wcisel wrote 
This poor girl was running ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, as clearly stated in the article. It doesn’t say if she was wearing reflective items or not.

Howwever it was 4 in the afternoon! Plenty of daylight to see someone. River road is a lot of trees and clear area, especially if you look at the picture of where the accident happened. You mean to tell me the driver couldn’t see a girl on the side of the road moving in broad daylight when there’s nothing else around moving that she could have been confused with? Why was he driving on the side of the road and not in the lane?

Kimberly Bostick wrote 
I’m not saying this is how this tragedy occurred, but my husband was a horrible with texting and driving. We fought about it all the time because I don’t ever text and drive.

He would intentionally drive more towards the shoulder so he wouldn’t swerve left of center while texting
A lot of people that text and drive do this.

I’d always argue that one there’s going to be someone riding a bike or jogging. Thankfully, that never happened, maybe someone that texts and drives will read this and stop.

Maguire Ward wrote 
This is why it’s important to run or walk against the flow of traffic to be able to see what may be coming at you. An unfortunate event nonetheless.

Fran Martin wrote
I’m SO very sorry to hear about the loss of this young woman. My deepest condolences and most fervent prayers go out to Nadia’s family and friends.

Elizabeth Holbrook wrote 
I’m appalled at many of these comments. This is a tragedy. Stop blaming a woman who had every right to be jogging on the side of the road.


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