Natalia Chansler Death : A 6th-grade social studies teacher named lost her life to COVID-19.

By | September 10, 2021


Natalia Chansler Death : A 6th-grade social studies teacher named lost her life to COVID-19.

Texas is closing all of its campuses for a week following the deaths of two teachers from COVID-19.

A school district in central Texas is closing all of its campuses for a week following the deaths of two teachers from COVID-19. The Connally Independent School District in Waco made the decision to close all campuses through Monday, Sept. 6. Both teachers who passed away worked at Connally Junior High School. A 6th-grade social studies teacher named Natalia Chansler lost her life to COVID-19 on Saturday, just days after being on campus. Four days earlier, a 7th-grade social studies teacher named David McCormick died as a result of the coronavirus.

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Source: Texas district closes schools after 2 teachers die of COVID

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Don Jones II wroteHappening in every district across Texas. Some districts just fudge the numbers better than others. Districts are forced into being reactive, as opposed to proactive. Sad that lives were lost before the district stepped up.Sue Lewis wrote
So sad to lose these teachers! Please get your Covid shots!! .
Christine Mytko
NOW they are providing testing to the junior high staff and hosting a vaccination clinic vaccination clinic on Sept. 13 in the Connally High School gym. Clearly, there is value in protecting others in your community. May communities learn something from this tragedy.

Maria Wolf wrote
Why didn’t they test these teachers when school started, they prob already had it when school began. Just think of how many children they may have infected. Really, really sad.

Magda D’Animal wrote
A week seems excessive and not preparing students for the real world. Hope all those who get paychecks are being paid for that whole week.

Glenn Martin wrote
Welcome to Texas. Because in their minds the teachers probably aren’t even dead. Just liberal lies. And even if they did die, it wasn’t from COVID. And even if it was from COVID, the deaths are necessary sacrifices for schools to be open with half the kids running around maskless. But if it’s someone they know who dies, a terrible tragedy things will never be the same, and Gofundme link in the description below.

Boichoko Lovedelia Mabogola wrote
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