nathan griffith Death – Obituary – Dead – Cause of Death.

By | September 10, 2021

nathan griffith Death – Obituary – Dead – Cause of Death.

This is a developing story that nathan griffith may have passed away, according to some statement posted on social media on July 26. 2021.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual is dead. This is a developing story.

Is this an Obituary or Death Notice ?

This post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .
This post will be updated as soon as we have more information and appropriate authorization from the family to publish the cause of death.

This is Not an Obituary

Again this post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual .


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The sin is to be a foreigner
The experience of otherness
The stare of native suspicions
Inauspicious naive amd native bitterness
The acute incissions of indeginous ignorance
Accepted only when you are coq sportif
Applauded when you tag along a demon clown
Accosted when you sing along and play along
Your smile simultaneously genuine and fake
Tommy Robinson a half educated Robinhood
Boris Johnson call ’em smilling piccaninies
Nigel Farage calls them a ‘type’ of human
Theresa May, exit vicarage enter vampire
Donald Trump trumping rights of other people
Le Pen believes the other are lesser species
Idi Amin the insane kicked them out in droves
Victor Orbar the ignoramus, that fool
Matteo Salvini denied Aquarius; fascist start up
Nick Griffith made a carreer of demonizing ’em
Adolf Hilter made a horror movie out of them
Pharoah made them prefer a wilderness
Victims of apartheid embracing xenophobia
Lybia without Gaddafi has become despicable
Ill-omened sea rafting frought with danger
Still they dare to sail uncharted stormy waters
Survival is man’s first quest
Suceeding is a deep panther of the soul
Rather hated but full than loved but starving
So he journeys against the mount to the rivers
Meandering traps on sail to greener pastures
Heaven isn’t hard to find, is in your heart
Same journeys indigenous people sailed
Same voyage they loathe immigrants who dare
Legality is set up for yoke and bondage
Laws deny men just to make them criminals
Faceless assassin and bloodless murder
Lives stolen by tactical time waste
Their kids seized to bolster aging populations
Yet the native kids are holidaying unhinged
Intelligent ignorance is a populist argument
Stupid smart speak is the mantra of fascism
If you counter speak by their education and suit
You must be a puffed up popinjay
If you dress otherly and speak out your accent
You must be a clown and a terrorist
The sky is white so they must be on top
You can have cloud nine in your head
They have it to snort as white lines
Eat your veggies,five a day
Tea and toast, save the day
Long train tracks; blood of slaves
Cross country; symbols of an empire
Country sides ; white faces and blue bloods
The hills rise to the sky
The valleys blossom with lillies
The plains are green and pleased
The birds free to fly where they please
The windmills free to ride on blowing wind
Yet windrush has been flushed out
The innocent bundled with criminals
A dark blanket of wicked judgement
A systematic subjugation of people
A segment of humanity hoping to be birds
Just to fly free and whistle a tune
Dark cloud go away, dark cloud go away
Go and never come again
‘Human birds’ really want to fly
Politicians want to prey on them
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