National Front Rooted Against France

By John Okoro | May 29, 2020
Sunday Oliseh gave Maradona tough time at USA 94? • Did you watch the 1st
encounter live? • He was voted by France Football as African best performer at that World Cup.
 People saying he was crying for help and they could not help makes me wonder how they even reason.
You can simply say he was strangled to death with the knee in cold blood with intent to murder him unprovoked because from the video, you can clearly see that there is no how they did not know they are killing him slowly but did not care till he was strangled while on handcuff helplessly till he stopped moving and you can see from their facial expression and countenance that they did not even border or even surprise.
It is only a mentally deranged person will not know that he as the officer, was killing the man by comfortably strangling him with the knee for minutes until he died while the others watch in excitement, and give him cover and therefore obviously accomplice to the murder.

If President Trump did not see to the handling of this case to the core, with full scope of justice melted to the deceased under murder charges, I will undeliberately loose great amount of Passion I have for our Lovely Donald Trump For President and for sure, my orientation about him will change instantly because I will see him as a subtle selfish, cruel and unconscientious human being.

In that case he will be no different from China, Religious and other cruel World Leaders the world abhor so much of their gross wickedness and heartlessness.

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