Nba Big B Shot : Nba Youngboy Brother Nba_Selfpaid Shot in Baton Rouge.

By | November 23, 2020

Nba Big B Shot : Nba Youngboy Brother Nba_Selfpaid Shot in Baton Rouge.

Rapper NBA Youngboy’s brother Big B was reportedly shot in the leg in a Baton Rouge gas station, he survived and the suspect who shot him was killed according to several statements posted on social media.

Baton Rouge Louisiana rapper NBA Big B was allegedly shot in his hometown this weekend. Rumors claim he was one of the victims in a surplus of shootings this weekend. NBA Big B gained attention for trolling after the untimely demise of King Von.


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Comments and Reactions

Ralph Harrison wrote 

I like Big B. Shorty remind me of a old head from round da way lls. Baltimore & BR are similar in vibes fr. Baltimore just faster & got city slickerz. Br more like a town.

Wooski Onehundred wrote 
They did that because the feds on them. In Louisiana the feds don’t play. Gotta move smart it’s not Chicago

Lauren Love wrote 
Big B Kinda got the last laugh came out with a W on this one faded a leg shot and his portna killed the guy that shot him.

Corey Paris wrote 
Ok so we all at war then that’s fine y’all bring y’all choppers and I’ll bring myself and limit myself to half power so it can a fair battle

Calvinfromva 757 wrote 
Otf not stopping until they get youngboy sad to say he always gotta watch out now . It’s worse when you beef with ur OWN city plus OTHERS no win.

King-wop Wooski wrote 
To bad he killed the person who shot him so if it was otf they another man down

Quano Rondoo wrote 
Otf not on shit bro  them niggas is industry niggas wit kids bro they is not finna do shit

King-wop Wooski wrote 
@Wooski Onehundred probably tbg to be honest they lost so many homies to young boy group they they starving for a get back

louie sr20ve wrote 
@Quano Rondoo if u say so them boys goin drop some shit behind von

Quano Rondoo wrote 
louie sr20ve right  lmao they gone kill somebody from out of town when they not even killing they opps who back home lmao okay brother

Hot Shots wrote 
Chicago swear they be the only city stepping on shit Lmaoo that shit lame

Hi Rodders wrote 
Haha nba big b had me cracking me up but I knew he was going to get his man I hope nobody else dies.

Hi Rodders wrote 
@PoolOutDaBoot that’s what I heard. Im always happy when the hunter become the hunted for some reason. Wish they boxed it out though not shoot it out. It is what it is though.

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