Ncis Jimmy Palmer Wife Breena Palmer Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Brian Dietzen has lost his wife to COVID-19..

By John Okoro | February 10, 2021

Ncis Jimmy Palmer Wife Breena Palmer Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death :Brian Dietzen has lost his wife to COVID-19..

Death Notice for Today February 9. 2021

Jimmy Palmer Wife has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on February 9. 2021.

The NCIS family is grieving for “Dr. Jimmy Palmer” in today’s new episode. Ahead of the Feb. 9 episode, a preview revealed that “Palmer” (Brian Dietzen) has lost his wife “Breena” to COVID-19. NCIS handles the tragedy in a fast-forward storyline, as season 18 has now jumped ahead to the pandemic, where “Breena” has died. The preview showed “Kasie” and “Gibbs” discussing concern for how “Palmer” is behaving following the loss.

Source: ‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Talks Tragedy For “Palmer” In Season 18


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Linda Loop Endres
Good episode. A reminder that the pandemic is still with us. Be safe, be strong everyone. Great acting Brian.

Terry Tyler Pittman
I didn’t like this at all! We are all depressed with reality. Why have to deal with it in our entertainment. Too sad!

Sheryl Johnstone Saari

I’m very sorry to hear that! May she Rest In Peace.

Matina Kontogiannis Vitiello
Made me cry. Poor Jimmy. His character is such a sweet, good guy.

Gwen Steinbrunner
This was a real tear jerker.

Kathy Ryan Cusato
Did I miss something? Jimmy’s wife dying of COVID came out of no where! So sad, so shocking .
Joanie Raimondo
Just sitting here weeping. Oh Jimmy is the best. Sad sad sad

Janice Miller
Good show, very sad! Proves how wrong it is to keep family away when a covid person is dying!! The parent or husband or wife needs to be with them!!!

Sabine Hohmann Sahyoun
Stupid storyline, you’re supposed to entertain us Got enough COVID-19 in real life, no need to get into it on shows!

Paula Diane Lawson
Wow thanks for the spoiler, I wasn’t able to watch this episode until tomorrow.

Lisa Bain Billings
I thought it was great, it showed how no one is ammune to this crazy disease

Kayla Myrice-Smith
Removed ET from my facebook because they feel like spoiling shows.

Bethany Flake
Well thanks for spoiling it for those who hadn’t watched yet .

Lisa Pfaff Drugan
The show isn’t even over yet and some of us haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Damn they put spoilers out faster and faster.

Jennifer Roberts Bittner
That’s quite a big spoiler to put on a post description the same night the show airs.

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