Neal Conan Death – Obituary News : Neal Conan, who spent 36 years with National Public Radio has died .

By | September 13, 2021

Neal Conan Death – Obituary News : Neal Conan, who spent 36 years with National Public Radio has died .

I met Neal almost 50 years ago, at a small, hopeless FM radio station in New York City, WRVR. Neal spent much of what would have been his college years, if he’d attended, working at New York’s Pacifica noncommercial radio station, WBAI, where he took his first radio job as an engineer. When I first knew him, while we hosted a WRVR news program together, he used to wear a railroad engineer’s cap. “They don’t make announcer’s caps,” he’d explain. The Neal I knew was funny, smart and 100% radio, with an incurable curiosity and the silvery voice of an Irish tenor.

Source: Neal Conan, Longtime Host Of NPR’s ‘Talk Of The Nation,’ Dies At 71 : NPRvaccine hesitant

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Michael Buckley wrote
I had such great memories of Neal both from the EG shows we presented at Washington College and our oral history visits with student at Talk of the Nation NPR. He was a powerful purveyor of news and information and a friend in your ear storyteller. He was following in the footsteps of greats like Ted Copple, Studs Turkle and Walter Cronkite. For my life and work he remains a timeless and trustworthy guide. Bravo and thank you Neil.Elizabeth Maccracken Winn wrote
So sad- a very special person. Glad he was a part of your tribe so that we could enjoy his talent in a new way.

Roy Howard
I’m sorry Carolyn. My sympathy and condolences to you. I remember fondly when you and Neal and the ensemble came to Saint Mark a couple of years ago. It was a remarkable evening.

Gregory McGruder wrote
Carolyn Surrick, what a wonderful memory of Neal. I fondly recall the honor of working with Neal, Liane, you, James Hanrahan, the Ensemble Galilei team, and actor Bill Pullman in creating the 2007 stage show “First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World” for National Geographic, and for establishing a new way of telling stories. So very Neal.
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