Netflix’s Trial4 of Sean Ellis : The Story of Murdered Boston police detective, John Mulligan.

By John Okoro | November 12, 2020

Netflix’s Trial4 of Sean Ellis : The Story of Murdered Boston police detective, John Mulligan.

#Trial4 is a compelling story of corruption and the determination of a man to clear his name:

Netflix’s new limited docuseries, ‘Trial 4’, is about a man who says he was wrongly convicted of murdering a police officer when he was just 19 years old. The eight-part docuseries will feature Sean Ellis as he faces his fourth trial — 25 years after he was first tried in 1995 — as he may end up going back to prison. Ellis had been previously sentenced to life and was released when new evidence came to light. Read Full Story from Meaww

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Jotaro wrote 
Not that mine is better but still you don’t hear this kind of shit elsewhere.

Just another wrote 
Have you watched the documentary on Netflix called Trial 4? Its amazing how cops get away with being so corrupt for so long.. #Trial4

D.Y.Turner wrote 
Judge Ball trying 2 absolve dirty cops while granting sean a new trial…
part of the problem

@MorganBCash wrote 
I know there’s a lot of blame to the federal gov. about their role in mass incarcerations, but we need to shift the bulk of the blame to the city and state governments.

Everyone should be equally involved in their city and state elections as they are in the presidency. #Trial4

Vic @vicfromthe929 wrote 
As a black man who doesn’t scare easily and LOVES horror films, there’s nothing more terrifying than watching documentaries on wrongfully convicted black men. Nothing.

I’m urrently watching #Trial4 on Netflix and I’ve been tempted to turn it off multiple times.

Steve Walker wrote 
#trial4, the moron judge who said after finding out the investigating officers were corrupt claiming the case was the “cleanest” case. Yeah mate 4 trials, pursued by corrupt cops. Absolute slam dunk innit? You’re as dirty as the cops were.

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