Nevada Earthquake; Huge earthquake struck Nevada Near California

By | May 16, 2020

A M1.9 earthquake has been reported by the USGS for 61km W of Tonopah, Nevada. Link:

Breaking News (also not wanted) A 6.4 earthquake has occurred in Nevada.  Felt as far away as San Francisco and Mexico.  No further news available.

ohhh by the way anyone else here on twitter feel the earthquake at 4:04 am I did I was awake because of some raccoons outside…….. The Nevada quake was felt for hundreds of miles even here in Grass

What is with these earthquakes in NEVADA WTF
Darren Bratton

What more can u do to us 2020?..Pandemic, murder hornets, cicadas, locusts..& today Nevada had it’s worst earthquake in 65 years…
2020: “But wait…there’s MORE!” #Armageddon #EndIsNigh #HELP #2020ADisaster #apocalypse

What’s up with all the earthquake in nevada today? I’ve received several emails from
 with different magnitudes.
Is 2020 getting ready to throw us another disaster?

i have an earthquake app (don’t ask) and nevada has had like 17 earthquakes over 4.0 in the past 24 hrs

some people say 6.5 magnitude earthquake near California-Nevada border rattles Bay Area

Wassup with all these earthquakes in Nevada Woozy face

The sun has entered a ‘lockdown’ period, could cause freezing weather earthquakes and famine, scientists say.The sun is currently in a period of “solar minimum,” activity on its surface has fallen dramatically. NY Post

5.9 earthquake off Vanuatu and quite a lot of little rumblings continue in Nevada following the quake yesterday
Face with medical mask |— 6 ft —| Microbe

I’ve been in California for 37 years but I gotta say Tonopah, Nevada  had some serious earthquakes.
kesu Nepal

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Main highway between Las Vegas and Reno is closed after 6.5-magnitude earthquake causes damage as it hits near Nevada’s Area 51 and is felt as far as Utah and Northern California.

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