Neville Pillay Death – Obituary News: DJ Neville Pillay has died .

By | September 23, 2021

Neville Pillay Death – Obituary News: DJ Neville Pillay has died .

We are sad to report that Neville Pillay  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 23. 2021.

Alan Khan wrote

I tragically lost two family members earlier this week who passed on from complications related to COVID-19 and a few minutes ago, I received the sad news that my former colleague Neville Pillay has passed on. I was fortunate to have worked with Neville during my time at East Coast Radio. He was multitalented and creatively, very gifted. Apart from his outstanding ability on air, Neville was a popular comedian, a skilled and experienced MC, a talented songwriter (Master of the twisted tune) and an accomplished actor. When I returned to Durban after my stay at Jacaranda 94.2, we reconnected at Lotus FM where he was hosting the very successful breakfast show. I have so many fond memories of Neville and I will always smile when I remember his Top Dan jokes, his twisted tunes and the fun, happy radio that he created for so many years. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans. I pray that Neville will rest in eternal peace and may his memory always be a blessing…

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Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Debbie Lutge wrote
Since condolences Alan. Please extend deepest sympathies to family, friends and industry colleagues particularly those from Jacaranda and Lotus. These are sad times and the continual losses are devastating. Thank you Alan for sharing these tributes and for your strength and courage in the face of all this terrible news. RIP Neville Pillay

Caroline Pillay wrote Deeply saddened to hear about the passing away of Neville Pillay ,watched you live on fb a few days ago  tragic end to an awesome, unique character, God saw that you could no longer go on this way, no more pain and sadness. May your Soul rest in Eternal Peace with Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Sonny Pillay – Hanshi wrote
Sincere condolences to the bereaved family with you incl. AK my humble view is that The imitiable Neville Pillay with no inhibitions whatsoever will remain a Legend of his craft He was MC ( always making people laugh) at many functions that I attended MHSRIP too many like our buddy Neville ” gone too soon” the expression life is short is becoming clearer by the day.

Ticko Naidoo wrote
Condolences to his family may he’s soul rest in peace,but it’s sad when he begged for help the so called industry couldn’t help him,posing with a photo now is more painful than when he cried out for help,hw sad

Indira Gopichand wrote
Ticko Naidoo what is worse is that you are attacking the industry and bash with Tash. STOP. This lady is unselfish has compassion and has explained that she has helped. In so many ways. What did u do?? Ur comment was unsolicited.

Ticko Naidoo wrote
Indira Gopichand Ma’am I respect her and salute for what she does for the community, like she just said in one of replys that she’s done a lot towards helping the late brother, what I find strange is that she didn’t come out on social media and say dey raising funds or having an online show with the industry to help raise funds towards he’s well being like they do for all other organisations that dey help with, I’m not bashing anybody I’m just airing my opinion, even when dey as entertainers wr going thru a bad patch due to Covid, dey even went online on social media asking to please support der cause with online shows providing banking details to make a deposit towards der well being’s, so I’m merely saying same could have been done, and saying what was done for him by herself, doesn’t want to advertise on social media, but every other stuff that is done is advertised on social media?????

Bash with Tash wrote
Prem Ramraj so not that I owe you an explanation but today il do one just for you.
I will speak for myself I was there, not only now but last year too. I didn’t blast om social media what I did but it’d people like you that make me so sad. I single handedly raised over 30k last year among other things , I did for him and his family. and Just over a month ago paid for his medical aid. As a fellow artist I kept that off social media.
I hope u helped too… after making this accusation.
It was a tough time for us but when ever we were reached out to on numerous occasions we did what we could.
I really wish we could have done more but for Me as an artist like most the industry took a huge knock. Yes R2500 is not alot that I paid for medical aid but u know what I tried. Today I can offer my condolences in peace and know I tried even after only knowing him personally fir 3 years.
God bless you. And honestly in a time like this rather pray for the family.

Yvonne Maharaj wrote
My deepest condolence to the bereaved family. May God give you’ll the strength through this sad time. Rest in Peace DJ Neville Pillay .

Abigail Abby Kisten wrote
Bash with Tash You should not even explain to anyone. Because what the right hand does the left by hand does not need to know…..I am absolutely heartbroken to know that this man begged to stay alive yet So many people made fun of him. Thank you for helping Tash God sees what u do.

Lorraine Ramsumair wrote
Saddened to read his passing. I pray God opens his way home. Hr lived a blessed good life but sadly his end was tragic. I pray the kids find solace and love and comfort. Their dad was great. Go well my friend.. R. I. P.


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Neville Pillay Death – Obituary News: Neville Pillay has died .

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