NHL Seattle Kraken Jersey : Fans Reacts As Seattle Kraken Logo is Unveiled.

By | July 24, 2020

NHL Seattle Kraken Jersey : Fans Reacts As Seattle Kraken Logo is Unveiled.

NHL Seattle have officially announced the name of their local franchise: The team will be called the Seattle Kraken.

Team leaders made the announcement Thursday in the newly-named Climate Pledge Arena at Seattle Center, where the Kraken will begin play in the fall of 2021. On top of announcing the team’s name, leaders also unveiled the Kraken logo and colors.

A kraken is a type of mythical sea monster that destroys ships and has been a mainstay in books and movies for decades. The name and logo were unveiled following more than 19 months after the NHL voted to award Seattle the league’s 32nd franchise. The Komo News Reported 

Comments and Reactions

Brandee Stouder wrote
I like the name and colors but the logo can be better. Logo isnt terrible but could be better
Happy for Seattle to have a team finally!

Brandon Korpi wrote
I feel like the Kraken is Scandinavian and recently Carribean (hmm Bruckheimer, Pirates of the Carribean) and therefore geographically and genetically inaccurate. We live next to a cold Sound with tiny octopi. Just saying.
I liked Totems. Even graduating Thunderbirds to NHL would have been cool.

Greg Becvar wrote
Love the name, colors are good, dont care too much for the logo.

Monica Garrison wrote
do not like it don’t care for it sports are overrated we’ve overpaid you selfish men that made way too much money and then turn around and throw it in our face later!! saying they’re oppressed!! Or there this or that,! I’ve done had it with all.

Skipp Vandecar wrote
Hockey is a violent game where physical violence is cheered…. can we get a lions den and some backslidden Christians,,, got this idea for a pay by bite TV deal….

Sean Akin wrote
Logo needs some work and needs to be more angry but it is Seattle btw are they going to throw squids on the ice?

Bryan Bigler wrote
I like the Jersey not a fan of the Kraken. I wish they would have picked something that was from the pacific north west. The Kraken sounds like a Disney caracter.

Cheryl Christensen wrote
The Krakens will play in the Krakhouse and the fans will be known as Krakheads! So fitting for Seattle!! .

Cheryl Quinn Hogle wrote
like the colors-like the logo- not crazy about the name-reminds of drug users

Sam Manno wrote
Call them the krackheads that play in the krackhouse next to the needle perfect for Seattle

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