Nightbirde Death : How Did Jane Marczewski Die: Jane Marczewski Cause of Death. 

By | February 22, 2022


Nightbirde Death : How Did Jane Marczewski Die: Jane Marczewski Cause of Death. 

We are sad to report that Jane Marczewski the singer known as Nightbirde has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on Feb 22. 2022.

Jane Marczewski the singer known as Nightbirde, who found fame on America’s Got Talent last year, and chronicled her battle with breast cancer on social media, died Sunday of the disease. She was 31.

In 2017, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She entered remission the following July, but the cancer returned in 2019.
Jane once more was declared cancer-free in 2020.
Before competing on America’s Got Talent in 2021, Jane learned the cancer had not only returned, but metastasized to her lungs, spines, and liver.
She passed away on Sunday, February 20, 2022, aged 31.


Jane Marczewski, known professionally as Nightbirde, was an American singer-songwriter. After releasing two EPs and two singles, she received a Golden Buzzer at her audition on America’s Got Talent in 2021, but was unable to compete in the quarterfinals because of worsening health due to cancer. According to her profile on Wikipedia.


Jane Marczewski, a singer known by her stage name Nightbirde, who earned a legion of followers after being a contestant on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” has died after a battle with cancer, her family confirmed.

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Sara Bown wrote : I’m so sad over the passing of Jane. I also feel such joy for her that she’s left such a wonderful imprint in the world. Here’s a little video sharing her beautiful voice and smiling soul.

Helen Monroe  wrote : So saddened to lose such a beautiful soul. She captured everyone’s heart with her tenacious will to live and positive spirit during much pain! Condolences to her family! She fought a good fight with courage, hope and grace. I saw her last interview with Chris Cuomo and it was truly inspiring. I know she is singing with the angels and no more pain. Rest In Peace and love, Nightbirde!

Randy Hearne NP-c : She reminded us that nothing is guaranteed….live life in the moment! She was the most amazing soul when she tried out for AGT…I remember bawling like a baby…for someone I had never met and only spent <10min in my life…but changed my way of thinking 100%…that is a life well lived…and in service to others who may be having a down time, issues, pain, bad times or illness…or other negatives in their lives.

Laurel Rees Cormier : Awww, I am sad to read that Jane passed away. I had recently read that things were not going well for her but she was so hopeful. Rest In Peace beautiful soul.

Susie Morrell wrote : Thank you for leaving us with your beautiful music that came from your soul  in your hardest battle. You’ve touched my heart. No more pain.

Lisa Beach-Bromley wrote : I didn’t know she passed. I bawled hearing this when she was on AGT. My mother in law was fighting at the same time it was on.

Cathy Richcreek wrote : I send my thoughts and prayers to her family and to her many friends. She is among the angels now.

Troy Druckenmiller wrote : In 2020 I was at death’s door. Septic and my Lord gave me a second chance. I thought why me then I seen her beautiful soul and she reminded me to treat every day like it is the most precious day off your life. She gave me strength to go through the trials if face with love in my heart and they name of Jesus on my lips.

Mariaan Van Der Merwe :  You where an angel on earth and now you are an angel in heaven. Rest well dear heart .

Lois Grossman site : Her beautiful spirit shone through the struggles. I am honored to have seen & heard this incredible woman. My she Rest In Peace & May her memory always be a blessing.

Amy Hamadi wrote : RIP Jane! So sad to hear ‘You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy’- you decided, you were happy until the last moment. You’re a gift to people! Inspiring soul .

Paula Jones wrote : So very sad to hear about this beautiful young lady and condolences to her friends and family


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