Nikki Catsouras Car Accident : Nikki Catsouras Death Photographs

By | September 27, 2021

Just days after 18 year old Nikki Catsuras’s death in a horrifying car crash in 2006, her father received an email with a picture of the bloody accident scene and the caption “Woohoo! Hey daddy, I’m still alive!”

A cruel trick involving nine gruesome images of the very graphic accident spread on the net and a fake Myspace page set up in Nikki’s name where she was called a “stupid bitch”. Commentors wrote things like, “That spoiled rich girl deserved it” and “What a waste of a Porsche”.

How did the images get leaked in to the Net? Read story here 


Linadoll wrote 

I just heard about nikki catsura, it’s so tragic how even in life and death people are so mean to her, have you heard about her? What are your thoughts about why someone would do that to her family?

Horror S.Psi wrote 
2. Nikki Catsouras A young girl who died in 2006 due to a car accident. The photo of his death should have been kept a secret because even his own family had not been allowed to come to see the body to the scene. But alas, this is the era of the internet.


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