Is Nina Arsenault Dead ? No Nina Arsenault Death Story is a Hoax.

By | February 14, 2021

Is Nina Arsenault Dead ? No Nina Arsenault Death Story is a Hoax.

Another conspiracy theory circulating on social media is that Canadian artist Nina Arsenault has died. According to some statements posted on social media on February 13. 2020.

Mitchel Raphael is on the phone with Nina Arsenault right now. It is not a phone made of crystal balls 🔮. So she is alive 🙏♥️

Posted by Mandy Goodhandy on Saturday, February 13, 2021

Who is Nina Arsenault ?

Nina Arsenault is a Canadian performance artist, freelance writer, and former sex trade worker who works in theatre, dance, video, photography and visual art. Wikipedia
BornJanuary 20, 1974 (age 47 years), Beamsville, Lincoln
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Death Hoax

This will not be the first time an American celebrity was speculated to have died by social media users.
Few months ago there was a fake news that made headlines that Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson has died, the actor posted a statement on his social media account to debunk the rumor.

An extremely sad day for our community having heard of the loss of Nina Arsenault. I didn’t know her well but she was a celebrated community member and artist. Her loss hits hard due to the circumstances but it is a reminder that we as trans and queer folks need to start paying more attention to how each other is doing because these systems are built to invisibilize our needs. May she Rest In Peace. #ripninaarsenault.

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The information concerning Nina Arsenault’s passing away was greatly exaggerated. This is a sincere relief.
I’ve only…

Posted by Joe Kilmartin on Saturday, February 13, 2021

Nina Arsenault is fine and alive .

##### Nina Arsenault is still with us. Very happy to hear this was not true and Nina is alive but editing the original post to present tense because my context and my admiration of her still stands #####
Nina Arsenault is a singular talent who makes a place for herself in the world by sharing everything and anything in a way that is always raw and honest.
She is often the first trans person to open up about the dark and light experiences of living and thriving on the fringes to so many people she encounteres in Toronto and beyond at a time when it isn’t a part of the mainstream. She teaches, she creates, she shares, she writes, she screams, she fights, she lives.
We love when trans artists let us into their unique lives and experiences but they are among our most vulnerable creators, limited by society at every turn from making money and living comfortably. If we are moved by their work and what they add to our lives and culture we have to start supporting them more consistently and when and where it counts because their art often comes at a great cost and anything less is exploitive cultural tourism.

##### Nina Arsenault is still with us. Very happy to hear this was not true and Nina is alive but editing the original…

Posted by Matt Thomas on Saturday, February 13, 2021

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