No Deaths Recorded Yet As Hurricane Laura Makes Its Way to Mainland USA.

By | August 24, 2020

No Deaths Recorded Yet As Hurricane Laura Makes Its Way to Mainland USA.

10AM SUNDAY: #Laura‘s track continues to shift westward. Center of cone now aimed at TX/LA border. Houston is firmly in the cone. Laura could become a large and powerful Gulf hurricane. We cannot let our guard down on this one.


As Hurricanes Laura and Marco make their way towards the US mainland, communities are preparing for the impact. Learn more about the science behind the storms and the #engineering strategies protecting structures well into the future.


#laura Models like a well-trusted ECMWF are hinting a potential major hurricane strength and Laura’s track towards Galveston, Texas. The attached wind gusts maximum is by the ECMWF model, having Laura’s landfall in Texas on Thursday early morning.



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louisiana isn’t shy to hurricanes, so of course i’m not either, but laura is supposed to be increasing dramatically the further into the gulf she gets, and central LA is going to witness hurricane-force winds for the first time in forever. it’s scary.
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so it looks like we’re going to be moving north for a few days because of hurricane laura. marco isn’t so bad, and it’s still sunny over here right now, but that’s not going to last long at all — the sky is already turning grey in the distance.

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