Obdulia Sanchez Livestream Video : Woman who livestream Sister’s Fatal Crash Re-arrested.

By admin | October 18, 2019

Obdulia Sanchez Livestream Video : Woman who livestream Sister’s Fatal Crash Re-arrested.

A California woman who served jail term for live streaming the accident that killed her sister in Merced County has been re-arrested in Stockton California. She when to jail after it was discovered that she live-streamed her sister’s fatal accident in 2017. She was also intoxicate at that moment.

In Feb 2018 Judge found Sanchez guilty and sentenced her to more than six years in prison, luckily for her, she was released on parole on September 2019.

This time Sanchez was arrested after a wild police chase.

Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva says, “Our officers tried to pull over a vehicle on Rose Marie Lane, and the driver would not pull over. And the reason why we were trying to pull her over was because of some traffic violations that she committed.”

Investigators says, “A male passenger exited her vehicle and ran up onto Interstate 5, and he made good his escape, but our officers were able to get to the vehicle and arrest Ms. Sanchez, who was the driver.”

Police tell Action News Sanchez was driving on a revoked license, and her registration tags were expired. They also found a loaded gun in the car.

Comments and Reactions.

Here we have another example of a very early prison release who reoffends immediately.

Obdulia Sanchez originally was sentenced to 6.4 years in prison but was released after serving a mere 1.5 years. In less than a month she reoffended by engaging in a high speed pursuit while having a loaded firearm in her vehicle. She was clearly associating with other criminals since her passenger ran from the scene as well.

The KCDSA are fed up with early inmate releases who habitually endanger law enforcement and law abiding citizens. This needs to end.

California needs to not be so easy on someone who makes an “awareness” page/group for her sisters death to make other people aware, when she can’t even grow up and make better choices after what she’s done. She got released with a slap on the hand, not even serving much time which is ridiculous cause she killed her own sister and caused an accident with another minor in her car that was someone else’s child. I think it’s time to put her away for reals this time and not give it to her easy again, cause she obviously didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

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