Obituary for May 25- 2020

By John Okoro | May 26, 2020

the affordable care act. That caused thousands of people to lose their insurance, or deleting their dependents off their plans. Liars all liars. Nothing affordable about the “affordable care act”

Tammy Culver  · 0:00 Terri Garcia I thought O’Bama care was supposed to be “affordable”. I don’t know a single mother with children who can afford
John Patterson Jr.  · 11:47 2018 total medical bills because of Obamacare, $26000. Explain how that is considered affordavle

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Rosemary Kemp Taliaferro  · 17:54 OMG! He is so boring! He can’t put his words together. He forgets what he’s talking about. It’s terrible. Not even discussing any issues. This is bad. His family should intervene

Laura Ott Tucker  · 0:00 Rosemary Kemp Taliaferro I’ve said his wife should stop this. It’s cruel.

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Johnna McGowan Cooper
Johnna McGowan Cooper  · 15:28 Yeah well I’d like to tell him how I was screwed over by the Unaffordable Care Act. How I went for almost 2 years thinking I may have cancer and not able to get treated.

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