Organ transplantation : Sean Tiwanak Celebrates Before Heart transplantation •

By admin | August 15, 2020

Organ transplantation : Sean Tiwanak Celebrates Before Heart transplantation •

A moment that’s heartwarming in more ways than one: Hawaiian Musician Sean Tiwanak sang and strummed his ukulele to “Stand By Me” in his Cedar-Sinai hospital room with Dr. Lily Stern two days before his life-saving heart transplant.

“I never wanted a heart transplant, for 15 years. I never wanted to give up my heart. I liked the way I felt inside. I wanted to keep my organ but there came a point this year when I had to face facts, I’m not gonna last without it,” Tiwanak said.

After only a week on the waiting list, there was incredible news: a donor heart had been found.

Tiwanak was rolled into surgery and the medical team went to work.

Doctors removed his diseased heart, and the donor heart, taken from a bag of ice, was implanted into his chest.

“The surgery went extremely well. The donor heart functioned beautifully as soon as it got blood back into it. He’s basically on a trajectory to go home in a very short time,” said Dr. Fardad Esmailian, surgical director with SMIDT Heart Institute. ABC7 News Reported.

We love this heartfelt 💙💚 moment between musician Sean Tiwanak and Dr. Lily Stern singing a duet of “Stand By Me” days before Sean’s heart transplant surgery at Cedars-Sinai. #Donatelife⠀

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Last week, Sean Tiwanak was singing a duet with Dr. Lily Stern as he waited for a heart transplant. Today, he’s…

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Comments and reactions

Monique Noah wrote 
This is wonderful- happy, loving and a glimpse of the small things that make our doctors, patients and community so exceptional.

Cindy Horton-Bollinger wrote
God Bless all nurses, doctors, and all first responders!! Thank you, God Bless! .

Marjorie Mcgrath wrote
This is so awesome to hear and see someone take the time and sing with the patient. God bless you for your kindness.

Eppie Billena wrote
Music certainly eases discomfort while in the hospital . God bless all the health workers .

Mark Kohls wrote
You are exactly where I was 8 years ago on the 6th floor Sean! Stay Strong, Keep Positive and KEEP STRUMMIN’. That’s what kept me going.

Karie Pastor wrote
Sean K. Tiwanak is not only an amazing musician, but such an awesome guy!! Love you brother
Take care, God speed, and mahalo to everyone at Cedars-Sinai taking great care of him!!

Ria Brown Ganary wrote
OMG. Tears to my eyes ! Heartwarming and talented!!!

Dannette Kuuipo Chang wrote
Sending you kukapaila ALOHA Sean!! We praying for you and for complete healing brother!!

Hersch Knapp wrote
I once sang “Dream a Little Dream of Me” to a very anxious patient in ER until the anesthesiologist had her under. I’ll always remember that.

Franklin Makaawaawa wrote
It’s so good to see you getting it on Sean. God and his warriors are taking care of you. Love you brother

Randy Wong wrote
Awesome Sean! Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery! I Mua!

Henry Anguay wrote
Stay safe and strong Brudda Sean,Praying for a speedy recovery.

Jeannie Silva wrote
Oliver Kelly sang to me before I went into surgery- what a blessing I received .

Lisa Lee wrote
AWESOME!! Praying for Sean’s surgery and complete recovery and all the medical staff attending to him!.

Pearlt Wilson wrote
Beautiful act of love in sacrifice to bless others in gratitude & Aloha to those who work tirelessly in caring for another fellow human being. Aloha Ke Akua

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