Paintball Tim Montressor Death – Dead :  Tim Montressor Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

By | June 23, 2020

Paintball Tim Montressor Death – Dead :  Tim Montressor Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Paintball player Tim Montressor has died, according to a statement posted online on June. 22, 2020.

A statement posted on PBNNation read

“Paintball lost a great man this morning with the passing of Tim Montressor. Tim has been a fixture within paintball for close to 20 years now and his influence transcended many parts of the sport and game we share in common. Tim’s passion for paintball and overwhelming positivity was infectious and inspired those around him to not only do what they love, but to do it better and to the best of their ability.”

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on of caused death . This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Beckie Matt to Storm Crows Paintball

It saddens our heart to see the paintball legend Tim Montressor no longer with us. The path he paved in the paintball world is like no other. We consider ourselves blessed to have gotten to work with and meet with Tim. May he rest in peace while his spirit here lives on

Dakota Hales to Model 98 Enthusiasts

A true industry legend, Tim Montressor, passed away today. Besides being a top level player who started on Tippmann Effect, he organized the paradigm-shifting Iron City Classic and was well known as being a very nice guy. RIP

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Watch for us buddy Tim Montressor!!! You have a special room on the Brazilian’s Heart!

Rest In Peace bro, all our condolences to the family, close friends, DLX Technologies family! I hope god can provide all the comfort for everybody on this very hard moment!

Odin open the Valhalla’s gate for you, and you have a great welcome with the Vikings Gods, and a lot of beer, and good talks regarding the battles in this world!

Hope see you one day my friend, until there, We will always remember how friend you were having always the big smile in your face your!

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Adrenaline Paintball wrote 

James here to ramble a bit,

In July 2017 having not been in Paintball for 11 years I took my son to ICC to see what Tim Montressor was doing and show him what I used travel around doing. Tim was the 1st person from the old days we saw and we took this picture. I told Garrett that Tim was famous. After that ICC I decided to play again. After that we decided to make guns again. After that Garrett decided he wanted to grow up and go pro one day. That’s the influence Tim had just on MY family, team and company.

Tim had a Master’s Degree in business. The number of things I ran past him is countless. There were paintball ideas that had nothing to do with Shocker or anything he was involved in I just wanted to bounce the business idea off him for input. The number of guys in paintball that traveled to almost every country, sponsored players on teams and was sponsored on a team as a pro player, was a key player in running one of the largest companies in the sport, with a master’s degree in business – was exactly ONE person.

He was also one of the few paintball friends I would talk about non-paintball stuff with. One year I had to travel a TON for work and he made me feel better in that all of my trips seemed like 1 layover to what he was doing. He literally touched so many in so many countries. He was responsible for the resurgence of older guys in the sport, he (and Russell) pretty much brought back a market segment that was almost nonexistent which allowed brands like ours to come back.

Tim also LOVED paintball. He told of me the story of getting a Grey Marble Adrenaline LCD Angel by mowing grass all year long as a kid. He was little then and looked up to us, our guns had just won the world championship. Fast forward and we obtained soo much guidance from him that he played a big part in so many of our business decisions on our new Shocker platform. We looked up to him.

He played an event with us when he was probably 17 or 18 and I was recruiting him. Since then he’s been a friend that you could count on. Just in the last year he went to bat for us when we needed it with the NXL. I didn’t even ask him to or know he did it until after the fact.

A more recent story, last year at ICPL Chicago I was watching the Aftershock/Infamous game with him and Ryan. He was congratulating us on a solid 2nd because if pretty much anyone shot anyone that last game we got 2nd. With about a minute to go we start staring at each other saying “no way”, he said “there’s no way they are off on the count”, I’ll never forget the look on his face at 20 seconds to go. He was the 1st one to hug and congratulate me. He loved the underdog story.

I spent an hour sitting in garage floor today in front of the laser just trying to process the worst call I’ve received this year. He was the #1 ambassador we had in this sport. He literally went everywhere and did everything he could. He also did it to the fullest (how many people you know been to Chernobyl??). Some individuals will really miss him and the sport (in the entirety) will truly miss him and what he’s done that will last for years to come.

National Xball League wrote 

There are few people you come across in life who discover their passion at an early age and not only enjoy it, but embrace it, pursue it, strive to become the best at it, then conquer those dreams and travel the world time and time again, sharing that passion with others. Tim Montressor was that man for paintball and, sadly, he passed away unexpectedly this morning.

Tim was a professional paintball player in the NXL for Tampa Bay Damage as well as a competitor in the ICPL. He played in the NXL Europe events and in tournaments all over the world. Tim worked for DLX Technologies, advancing the technical side of our sport. He is often referred to as the one who “brought Classic Paintball back” with his annual 10-Man Iron City Classic event outside of Pittsburgh.

Tim will be remembered for his brilliance, his laughter, his friendship, and the leadership he portrayed on and off the field. The contributions he made to paintball are immeasurable and the void his loss brings to our community is unfathomable. Please join us in keeping his family and close friends in our hearts and prayers as they cope with his passing. Tim, a true ambassador for our sport, will never be forgotten.

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Saberwolves wrote 

We are hearing from multiple reliable sources that our friend Tim Montressor has passed away. As truly unbelievable as it may seem, it’s real.
Like the rest of the Paintball community, we are in shock and at a total loss for words.
We are praying for Tim’s closest friends and family at this indescribably difficult time.
The Paintball world is united in mourning.
Rest In Peace, Tim. You will be missed.
Thank you for everything.

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Team Smoke Paintball wrote 

As we were all talking in our team chat room earlier today about preparations for ICC and the buzz was excitement then word came across that our friend Tim Montressor had passed away and immediately the tone went from excitement to disbelief.

We couldn’t believe the news and still as I’m typing this hoping that the news is not true. Some of us on Team Smoke have known Tim since he was a kid reffing at Toledo Indoor and getting paid in paint. Tim actually tried out for Team Smoke and for some dumbass reason we didn’t take him but we all still remained close friends all these years. Most of the team got to see him and play against him two weeks ago at a practice at Urban Assault and he sent me a message saying the team looked great.

There is not a nicer or kinder man in paintball than Tim. He always had a smile on his face and no matter how busy he was at events he always had time for you. Tim is the reason that Team Smoke came out of retirement and is responsible for most of Team Smoke including myself to start playing the game again.

He brought excitement back to the sport that dearly needed it and he truly cared about 10 man mechanical and had great visions for the future. For everyone here on Team Smoke and Brimstone, Today Paintball and the world loss one of the best. Till we see you once again someday with that big smile on your face RIP our friend and .

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British Columbia Paintball Association wrote 

Terrible news out of the paintball world today – Tim Montressor has passed away.

I played against Tim a couple of times in 10man back in the original NPPL days, and worked with him and Graham E through Smart Parts back in the day. He was a fierce competitor on field and a super nice guy off the field.

Rest in Peace sir.

– Matt / BCPA

Jacqueline Michelle wrote 

I hesitated to make this post because I get annoyed when people who barely know a person suddenly post about them amidst a terrible tragedy. I honestly can’t claim to have known Tim Montressor very well at all, but he was always very kind to me, and he was one of the few pro Asian paintball players in the game, which immediately made me a fan. I am deeply saddened by his loss and his soul will remain in my prayers. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. Paintball has lost a great ambassador and player. May he always be remembered for his contributions to the sport.

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