Pal Barger Death -Dead-Obituaries : Pal Barger, founder of @palsweb has Died – Cause of Death Unknown.

By | October 30, 2020

Pal Barger Death -Dead-Obituaries : Pal Barger, founder of @palsweb has Died – Cause of Death Unknown.

Pal Barger, founder of @palsweb has died, according to the following statements posted on social media on October. 29, 2020.

“Gov. Bill Lee on Twitter: “We are saddened to hear of the passing of Pal Barger, founder of @palsweb. Recognized globally for creating a business known for excellence, Pal invested in the lives of his employees and community. A true Tennessean, Pal will be greatly missed.”


Mark Botsford wrote 
When POTUS concluded he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, he decided to take it to another order of magnitude by killing hundreds of thousands on streets all over the United States of America!.

Tamera Fields Parsons wrote 
are grateful to Pal Barger for his leadership over the years and influence on all of us to pursue excellence; we will miss him dearly @palsweb

Willie M. II wrote 
The people who have replied to this to make political comments are disgusting. I worked for Pal’s company in college. Never got meet him myself but always heard great things and he treated his employees fairly. RIP. Prayers to his family.


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