Paul Logan Responds to Leaked Sex Video

By admin | June 4, 2020

Paul Logan Responds to Leaked Sex Video

Sonia Cooper Minors Yes, take a knee anytime except during the national anthem and pledge of allegiance. These are moments to put our right hand over our hearts to show we are truly one nation of people standing together for the good of all. Protesting at that time is the opposite and only serves to further divide us. Perhaps that is the purpose.

Laura Monroe A man with conviction and faith! What is wrong with people? I never thought I’d see an American attacked for loving their country, having values, appreciating the chances they’ve been given in this country, and respecting the men and women that fought for the right for them to “peacefully protest.” You want change? Then get up off your knees, get off the streets, honor your communities, and make it happen!

Tracy Sandifer Good for you, Drew! I stand with you, there are plenty of other ways to peacefully protest without dishonoring our flag and what it stands for! God bless America!

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